Does Wawa Take Apple Pay?

Learn about Wawa taking Apple Pay and other features on the App.

If you are wondering, “does Wawa take Apple Pay?” this article will give you the answer and an explanation of how you can use the Wawa mobile app. The mobile app can help you efficiently order your items ahead of time and earn rewards.

Wawa takes Apple Pay inside the store; you can call your local Wawa to confirm. Below will be a walk-through on how you can use Apply Pay. In a later section, I will cover how to use the Wawa app and the benefits of using the app.

How to Use Apple Pay in Wawa

You can use Apple Pay to checkout in Wawa by first unlocking your phone. You can then open your Apple Pay on your phone (double pressing the side lock button).

Once you select the card you want to use at checkout, you can hold your phone near the reader. You should then be able to checkout at Wawa using Apple Pay.

Placing an Order on the Wawa App

When you download the Wawa app, you can create an account using your email or the other provided login methods.

After verifying and setting up your account on the app, you will likely start on the “Home” page. This page shows a shortcut to start an order and view your rewards and bag.

To start placing an order, you can tap “Start Your Order” on the home screen or the “Order” tab at the bottom of the app.

Once you tap “Order,” you should see three different options labeled “In-store Pickup,” “Delivery,” and “Catering.” Let’s start with the in-store pickup option. You can tap the option and press “Next” at the bottom.

You should now be able to choose between nearby locations or manually search for them within the search bar. Once you select a store, you should be able to see the menu and choose between a variety of products.

After adding all your items to the bag, you can tap the bag icon in the top right corner. You can review your order and tap “Check Out” at the bottom of the screen. You will be able to choose your pickup option, and you can tap “Next.”

To pay for your order, you can choose between “Pay in App” and “Pay in Store.” You can tap “Pay in App” to checkout using Apple Pay.

You can select your pickup time and then choose Apple Pay as your payment method. You can then tap “Next” and review your order again. At the bottom, you should see an Apple Pay button to pay for your order.

Looking at your Receipts on the Wawa App

The Wawa app has a helpful feature allowing you to check your order and fuel receipts on the go. You can see your receipts by going to the home page and tapping the menu icon in the top left corner.

You should see “Order and Fuel Receipts” on the list. Select this option, and at the top, you should be able to choose between “Order Receipts” and “Fuel Receipts.” 

Wawa Rewards Card

The mobile app is great for keeping track of rewards at Wawa, and you can view your rewards by tapping the “Rewards” tab at the bottom of the app. You will then be able to see your transactions, how much you progress until your next reward, and the ability to view your rewards card.

How to use the Wawa Rewards Card in the app

You can also use the rewards card when checking out by opening your rewards card in the app. If you tap “Rewards” at the bottom and then select “View Cards” in the top right, you should be able to access your card.

You can also link a rewards card that you got at a Wawa store. Another way to access your rewards card is by tapping “Pay” in the bottom right. This option should direct you to your rewards card within the app.

Wawa Online Gift Cards

When you go to the “Pay” tab on the Wawa app, you should see a section below your rewards card labeled “Gift Cards.” This section is where you can add a Wawa gift card to your phone on the app.

If you tap “Add a Gift Card,” you will have two options: buy a new gift card or add one you have.

If you tap “Get a new one,” you will be directed to a page where you can add an amount above $15 and below $100. After adding the amount, you can tap “Select” next to the words “Pay with,” and you will be able to insert your credit card.

This section is where you can add funds to a Wawa gift card. If you want to add a gift card to the mobile app, you can tap “Add a Wawa Gift Card,” and you will be able to enter the gift card number and pin. You can then tap “Submit.”

Managing your Payment Methods

On the app, you can also manage your payment methods. You should see your name if you go to the home page and tap the menu icon in the top left corner. Below your name, tap “View Profile.”

You should now see “Manage Credit Cards,” “Manage Gift Cards,” and “Link a Rewards Card.” If you tap the credit card option, you can add your credit card to the app for mobile ordering and reload a gift card at the bottom.

If you tap the gift card option, it will direct you to the page where you can add or purchase a gift card on the app. You can link your card to the app in the rewards section by entering your “Rewards Card Number.”

You also have the option to select a default payment method within the app for orders. There is an option to choose Apple Pay as your default method.


To conclude, Wawa does take Apple Pay within the store, and you can also use the mobile app to order ahead or for delivery. The mobile app has a great interface, and you can add new payment methods.

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