How to View Jobs Applied for on LinkedIn

Learn how to view applied for Jobs on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn’s platform has plenty of tools to help filter and find jobs to apply for using an efficient process. After looking for a job listing, you can keep track of the different positions you applied to on the website. Let’s go over how to view jobs applied for on LinkedIn within the app and the desktop website.

When you apply for a job through LinkedIn, the app creates a list to keep track of the various positions and companies you are applying to, and you can refer to the job listing for information. Aside from keeping track of applied jobs, LinkedIn also allows you to save jobs and view them later. You can use all of these features within the app on your mobile phone and the website.

Below is a list of instructions on how to find and see your applied jobs on LinkedIn.


  1. Log into Your Account
  2. Select the “Jobs” Page within the Platform
  3. Go to “My Jobs”
  4. Select “Applied”
  5. See Your List of Applied Jobs on LinkedIn

View Jobs Applied for on the LinkedIn App

Log into Your Account

Log into your LinkedIn account using your account information.

Select the “Jobs” Page on the Bottom Right of the App

The “Jobs” page on LinkedIn has various tools to help you find jobs on LinkedIn and see different positions within your Industry. As I mentioned, you can save jobs to view later, apply for jobs within the app, and view archived jobs.

On this page, you can also see recommended job listings, a section labeled “Hiring in your network,” and other job positions to scroll through. To find your applied jobs, you can follow the upcoming steps.

Tap the “My Jobs” Button on the Top Left

At the top of the page, a button will be labeled “My Jobs.” If you click into this section, it can help you locate the jobs you have applied for and archived job listings.

Select “Applied” at the Top

After selecting “Applied” at the top, you will be able to see a list of the jobs you applied for on LinkedIn. This list is great for keeping track of the applications you submit to these job postings.

See Your List of Applied Jobs on LinkedIn

On the list of job positions you applied for, you can open them up to see “Job activity,” like if the company downloaded your resume or viewed your application. You can also see how long ago you applied for the position.

You can see the job listing again to look at the description, how many people applied, and the company information. The ability to view “Job activity” is great for seeing if there was any traction with your application, like if they downloaded your resume. You can also view the “hiring team” for the job listing.

View Jobs Applied for on the LinkedIn Website

On the website version of LinkedIn, applied jobs are in the same place, and getting it is similar with just a few differences. You will likely be on the home page when you open the LinkedIn website and sign into your account.

To find your applied jobs on LinkedIn, you can click the “Jobs” button at the top of the website. This page is like the one on the mobile application. Locate the “My Jobs” section on the left side of the screen and click it.

Once you click the “My Jobs” button, you should be able to select “Applied” at the top and view the list of your applied jobs. 

Mark a Job as Applied on LinkedIn

When you click “Apply” on LinkedIn, this should allow you to view the application linked in the job posting. After going to the application, if you open the job listing on LinkedIn again, you should see a blue popup at the bottom of the listing saying, “Did you Apply?” You can select “Yes” if you did apply.

View Your Submitted Resume on LinkedIn

When looking at your applied jobs on LinkedIn, you can also view the resume you submitted on the job posting. When opening up a job listing from the applied list, you should see “Submitted resume” in the top right corner if you sent your resume through LinkedIn. If you click this button, you can download your resume and view it.

This feature helps keep track of the resumes you submitted for each position, especially if you made adjustments and want to view which one you submitted to that specific application on LinkedIn.

Filtering Jobs on LinkedIn

When you want to find jobs on LinkedIn and apply for them, there are plenty of filters to use. These filters can help you view job listings and find positions that align with your interests or experience.

You can start by searching for a job title in the top left corner of the job page. You can also filter by location next to the top search. After clicking search, you will see filter buttons at the top that you can select.

You can filter by “Experience level,” which can help filter out most jobs that don’t align with your experience. If you want to view entry-level or executive positions, you can do this using the filter.

If you want to use, LinkedIn’s “Easy apply,” you can also filter for positions with the feature enabled. This feature can help you view job listings that may take less time to apply. Viewing how long the job listing was posted is also a great feature within the LinkedIn platform.

When applying for jobs, these filters may help make the process more efficient and less time-consuming. After applying for jobs on LinkedIn, you can view them by following the above instructions.


Applying for jobs on LinkedIn may take a lot of time, and after filling out numerous applications, you can go back to view them. The “My Jobs” section on LinkedIn is where you can find the job listings you applied to and other useful information. The “Jobs” page on LinkedIn has plenty of features to help you find job listings, save them, and refer back to old applications through the LinkedIn platform.

Being able to use these tools on your mobile phone is great for on-the-go job research.

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