How to Turn on Venmo Notifications

Learn how to turn on Venmo Notifications.

Let’s go over how to turn on Venmo Notifications and the various options available within the app. Venmo has plenty of notification features like push, text, and email notifications. Each one of these notification types has specific options to turn on or off. 

Below is a summary of the instructions and how you can find the notification settings within the app. In a later section, there is a walkthrough on how to find the notification settings within the desktop version of Venmo.


  1. Open the Venmo App and Login
  2. Tap “Me” in the Bottom Right Corner
  3. Tap the Settings button in the Top Right Corner
  4. Select “Notifications” Below the “Preferences” List
  5. Select a Notification Type, and You Can Toggle Them On or Off

How to Turn Notifications in the Venmo App

Open the Venmo App and Login

You can log into your Venmo account using the necessary login information. If you want to learn how to reset your password, you can read this article. You can log in using your username, phone number, or email.

Tap “Me” in the Bottom Right Corner

You should see your profile page when you tap “Me” in the bottom right corner. This page is where you can view “completed transactions,” your profile settings, and also where you can transfer money. You can also find your Venmo QR Code in this section.

Tap the Settings button in the Top Right Corner

In the top right corner, you should see a settings button that you can tap to view a list of Venmo settings. This section should contain helpful information regarding your Venmo account and other settings you can adjust.

Select “Notifications” Below the “Preferences” List

On the list below “Preferences,” you should see a section labeled “Notifications.” Tap the “Notifications” section to view a list of notification options. In a later section, I will go over the different notification types.

Select a Notification Type, and You Can Toggle Them On or Off

You should see a list of notifications for push, text, and email in the notification section. Select which type you would like to change. Each section will have a list of specific notification options you can toggle on or off. On will have a green check mark, and off will have a gray circle.

How to Turn Notifications On Venmo Desktop

Go to the Venmo website and log into your account. You will likely be on the home page of your Venmo account, where you can look for “Settings” on the left side. The “Settings” section should have a plus icon next to it. Click the plus icon and look for “Notifications” on that list.

The desktop version of Venmo breaks down each notification option on one page, making it easy to turn them on or off. You can click the checkmark box to turn a notification on or off on the website. If the box has a checkmark, then the notifications are on.

Venmo Notification Types

Venmo has three different notification types you can choose from and toggle on or off specific options. There is also the option to change your contact information within the app or website. 

Venmo lets you change your email or phone number in the app so your notifications can be sent to the correct information. You can change these settings by going to your “Profile” within the app and changing your information. 

The notification labeled “Payment received” gives you the option to receive notifications when someone pays you on Venmo.

Venmo Push Notifications

Venmo push notifications will show on your mobile phone if you have them toggled on in the app. You will also have to enable notifications in your phone’s settings for Venmo’s push notifications to start showing.

The push notifications options are split into different sections labeled “Money,” “Crypto,” “Communications from Venmo,” and “social.”

Push notifications are great for receiving information on certain activities in your Venmo account on your phone. You can even turn on “Price Alerts” on Venmo. You may also be able to adjust your notification options within your phone’s settings, like turning on sound and other features.

Venmo Text Notifications

The text notification options are going to be similar to the email notifications. You can toggle these on or off to receive text message notifications from Venmo. Be sure to read the provided information at the bottom of the Venmo app regarding “carrier charges.”

You can set up notifications for activity from your friends, like comments, or likes on your Venmo transactions. Being able to like and comment on Venmo can be a great way to communicate through the Venmo app. You can also get notified when someone requests you on Venmo.

Venmo Email Notifications

You can also enable or disable Venmo email notifications within the app. The options are similar to text message notifications, as I mentioned before. The main difference is that you can turn on “Security” email notifications.

You can log in through the website if you use your desktop and want access to your Venmo account. You can view your Venmo email notifications on your computer.

View Notifications Within the App

You can also view your notifications within the app on your phone. These notifications within the app can be found on the “Me” page in the top right corner. You can select the notification icon to view them. 

On the desktop platform of Venmo, you should be able to find your in-app notifications by clicking “Notifications” under the “Search” option on the left side of the website.


Turning on Venmo Notifications can be a great way to stay updated on your account’s activity. You can enable transaction activity like when you receive or send your money on Venmo. You can adjust these options on the settings page in the notification section.

As mentioned before, there are three notification types within the app that are helpful if you want to enable specific ones like push or texts. If you want push notifications instead of text notifications, you can change that within the app. There are some email notifications that Venmo will send you.

Being able to adjust these notification settings on the website and mobile app makes it an efficient and easy process.

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