How to See Your Portfolio on Robinhood

Learn How to View Your Total Portfolio on Robinhood

If you want to view how much money you have invested on Robinhood. You can easily access this information within the app or the desktop website of Robinhood. The platform breaks down your holdings in a simple yet detailed way to get an understanding of where your money is invested. Below are instructions on how to view your portfolio on Robinhood.

I’ll cover in a later section how you can see what percentage of your portfolio is in specific sectors, ETFs, and other helpful information about your Robinhood investments. The app and desktop make it easy to access all of this information on the go.


  1. Log into your Robinhood Account
  2. Tap the Portfolio Icon in the Bottom Right Corner
  3. You Should Now See a Breakdown of Your Portfolio
  4. Scroll to See Other Investing Information About Your Portfolio

See Your Robinhood Portfolio on the App

Log into your Robinhood Account

You can access your portfolio within the application if you know your Robinhood login information. You can log in using your email and password.

Tap the Portfolio Icon in the Bottom Right Corner

When you open the Robinhood app and log in, you should be in the “Investing” section. This section is one way to see your portfolio’s value within the app. If you want more context about your holdings, keep reading to find the breakdown within the app.

Tap the portfolio icon on the bottom right corner of the app; this will display helpful information about your account. You can also access your Robinhood settings through this page on the platform.

You Should Now See a Breakdown of Your Portfolio

After the portfolio page on Robinhood, you should be able to see your total portfolio value and a list of the different holdings in your portfolio. In a later section, I will explain the different line items that Robinhood provides on this list.

Scroll to See Other Investing Information About Your Portfolio

You can view other information about your investments on the Robinhood brokerage app, like your total percentage in “Stocks,” “ETFs,” “Options,” and “Crypto.”

See Your Robinhood Portfolio on Desktop

When you log into the Robinhood website, you should see “Account” in the top right corner. If you select this button, you should see a list appear. On the list, select “Profile.”

After you click “Profile,” you should be able to see your portfolio value and a list of different holdings within your portfolio. Below the “Investing” section of this page, you will be able to view your “Total investing value” and other line items on the list.

Similar to the mobile app, there is a section where you can view the different sectors you have positions in and how much weight is in each.

Another way to view your portfolio on Robinhood is if you click “Account” on the top right and then select the “Investing” option on the list. You will then be in the “Investing” section of your account, where you can view your portfolio value, your stock holdings, and your returns. At the top, you can also set up other features like recurring investments.

When viewing the above section, Robinhood includes a list giving you more information about your holdings, their returns, and how many shares you hold in each company. You can also click on these stocks from this list and view your position.

What is the Total Investing Value on Robinhood?

Robinhood describes the “Total investing value” on the app as the combination of “your broker holdings, brokerage cash, and crypto holdings.” This description explains the total value of your portfolio on Robinhood.

The other line items like “Brokerage holdings” and “Brokerage cash” are also listed on this page, giving you more context about your portfolio value. On Robinhood’s platform, you can read more about the differences between these items and how Robinhood defines them by tapping the information icon next to “Investing.”

Robinhood Portfolio Value

You can see your Robinhood portfolio value or “Total investing value” by following the above instructions. When you go to your Robinhood profile, you should see a list of your portfolio holdings and the total value.

When you scroll down within the app’s profile section, you will see your holdings split into different categories. These categories are labeled “Stocks,” “ETFs,” “Options,” and “Crypto.” The app displays the weight or percentage of your portfolio in each category. This feature can help provide more information regarding individual holdings in your portfolio. 

If you tap into the individual circles or sections at the top, you can see a breakdown of specific factors in each category. When you select your stock holdings, you can see a list of sectors with the weight on the right side. This feature can help you see what sector has the most weight in your portfolio and what has the least.

If you tap into these sectors, you will be able to see your individual holdings in each and a list of other companies within that sector. You also have the ability to filter through this list by “Price,” “Symbol,” and “% Change.”

At the top of these sector lists, you can also break down each list into other categories. For example, “Tech, Media, & Telecom” on the sector list can then be filtered into “Technology,” and then when you tap into “Technology,” you can then research “Software” companies.

All of this can be done within the Robinhood app, making it helpful to view your sector holdings and research new companies.


Robinhood has useful tools within the app that can help you understand more about the specific holdings in your portfolio. The section where you can see the different sectors within your portfolio is a great feature. You can research other companies within those sectors and filter the lists.

A quick way to see your portfolio in Robinhood is when you initially sign into the app. You will start on the “Investing” page within the app or on the website. At the top, you can see your portfolio value and then the list of your holdings. Below your holdings, you will also be able to see your watchlist.

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