Understanding your Robinhood Account Statement

Learn How to Understand your Robinhood Account Statement

On a monthly basis, you should receive a Robinhood account statement for your holdings. The account statement is great for reviewing and understanding your individual brokerage account activity. There are also statements for your taxes and crypto holdings on Robinhood that you can view on the platform.

You can find and export the statement from the mobile app and website, which I will discuss later. The statement is a great way to track your account activity monthly. You see a file that combines your monthly account activity into one document.

How to Find your Monthly Statement on Robinhood

Find Statements on the Robinhood App
Individual Brokerage Account Statement on Robinhood

You can start by tapping the profile icon in the bottom right corner to find and read your Robinhood statement on your phone. Select the menu icon in the top left of the profile page and press “Statements” at the bottom.

There will be three statements: individual brokerage, crypto, and tax. Select the Individual brokerage option since that is the statement this article will be going over. You can select a monthly account statement and view the attachment inside the Robinhood app. In a later section, I will explain how you can export this file.


First, go to Robinhood’s website and log in to your account using your email address. You have the option to change your email on Robinhood. After logging in, click “Account” in the top right corner and select “Statements” on the popup menu.

Robinhood will direct you to the “Statements” page, where you can view your individual brokerage account statements. If you click one of your monthly statements, it will download as a PDF. You can open the PDF to view your statement information and save the file.

Side note: Your statement will have your account number and other important information, so store it in a safe location on your computer.

Robinhood Statement Explained

After following the above instructions, you should be able to view your Robinhood statement and find the different sections. Below I broke down the pages and sections that are listed on the monthly statement provided by Robinhood.

Account Summary

On the first page, there will be two sections labeled “Account Summary” and “Income and Expense Summary.” Under the account summary, you can see a breakdown of your cash, deposit sweep balance, and portfolio value.

Below that section, you can see the “Income and Expense Summary.” This section is where you can view your dividends, capital gains distributions, and interest earned. You can see a chart summarizing your portfolio’s allocations on the right side. 

This first page is a great way to get a quick overview of your account information and performance. You can see your opening and closing balance monthly, showing your account’s performance.

If you are a dividend investor, this page will summarize and help you keep track of the monthly dividend activity in your portfolio.

Portfolio Summary

The “Portfolio Summary” page shows you a breakdown of your holdings and other helpful information regarding your positions. You can view how many shares you hold in each position, the market value, and the estimated dividend yield.

This page is a helpful way to see an overview of your portfolio’s positions and information like the securities weight of your portfolio.

Account Activity

Next on the statement is the “Account Activity” page, where you can find a summary of your trades for the month. A list of activities on the page will show your dividend payments, purchases, and sales. You will also be able to see your deposit activity on this list.

Another section at the bottom of this page is labeled “Executed Trades Pending Settlement.”

Deposit Sweep Program Banks

If you have the “Cash sweep program” enabled on Robinhood, you can see your balance and the “Program banks” on this page. You will see the bank name on the left and your balance on the right side of the page.

Deposit Sweep Activity

Lastly, the “Deposit Sweep Activity” page will provide a list of activities with your cash. You can see the transaction description, the activity’s date, and the balance. At the bottom will be your total amount of swept funds for the month.

Side note: On the last page of the statement labeled “Important Information,” you can read to learn more information regarding your account and Robinhood.

How to Export your Robinhood Statement

If you are using your computer to view your Robinhood account statements, it will begin a PDF download when you click your monthly statement. You can open the PDF and save or print it after reading it.

On the Robinhood app, you can open a monthly account statement and press the share button on the top right. You can save the PDF attachment to your phone files or another location; make sure it is stored safely. As I mentioned earlier, your statement has important information regarding your account.

How to Read your Robinhood Account Statement

You can read your statement on the Robinhood app or the website. Reading the statement on the Robinhood website lets you view and download the PDF. You can print out the statements and read the physical copy. The statement is landscape, so you may have to zoom in on the app to get a better look at the information.

Following the above walkthrough may help you understand each section’s summary. Using the computer to view your statements will also allow you to search throughout the document for a specific stock or holding to view the activity.

Aside from waiting and reading your account statement, you can also view your account activity on Robinhood. You can do this by viewing your transactions, reviewing your portfolio’s holdings, and setting up notifications to stay updated.


These statements that Robinhood sends monthly can be a great way to keep track of your portfolio performance and activity. However, you can view this information inside the app; the statements summarize the information on a monthly basis.

Whether you are on the go, using the Robinhood app, or on the website, you can access and view your statements after logging in to your account.

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