How to Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn

Learn how to post multiple photos on LinkedIn

Let’s go over how to post multiple photos on LinkedIn and how you can use this feature on the LinkedIn mobile app and desktop. The process of posting multiple photos is relatively the same compared to how you can post a single photo on LinkedIn.

This article will go over instructions on how you can post multiple photos on your LinkedIn and other helpful features that LinkedIn provides for posting pictures. Below is the short version of the instructions that you can follow to get your photos posted.

Posting photos can be a great way to share content on LinkedIn about your career, company, or any other information with your connections. You also have the ability to tag other people in your photos so they can be included in your post.


  1. Log Into your LinkedIn Account
  2. Under “Start a Post,” Select “Add a Photo
  3. You Can Now Select Multiple Photos
  4. Select “Done” in the bottom right corner
  5. Write Your Caption and Select “Post”

Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn App

When you log into LinkedIn’s mobile app, you will start in the “Home” section. You can tell by looking at the bottom. You will see “Home,” “My Network,” “Post,” “Notifications,” and “Jobs.”

To begin the process of posting photos on LinkedIn, select the “Post” button at the bottom of the screen. You should now see the option to write a caption and add pictures, videos, templates, and other helpful tools. 

Select the “Add a Photo” option, which should be the first on the list. If you have photo sharing enabled with LinkedIn on your phone, you should now see your phone’s photo album.

At the top, where it says “Recents,” you can tap that to filter between different photo albums on your phone.

After finding the photos, you want to post, tap them, and they should have a number appear on the corner.

Once you’re done selecting the photos you want to post, tap “Add” in the top right corner. You can now scroll through each image, and when you’re done, select the bottom right blue arrow to continue.

LinkedIn will add your photos to your post, and you can now add a caption where it says, “What do you want to talk about?”

When your post is completed, you can tap “Post” in the top right corner to share your post on LinkedIn. You also have the option to change privacy settings for comments and views in the post settings. The viewer settings are at the top next to your name in the post. The comment settings are on the left next to the “Post” button.

Post Multiple Photos on LinkedIn Desktop

Log Into your LinkedIn Account

The process is similar but slightly different on the desktop website for LinkedIn.

Under “Start a Post,” Select “Add a Photo

When you log into LinkedIn, you will be able to create a post in the “Home” section of the platform. There are two ways to add photos: select “Start a Post” and click the photo icon in the bottom left corner. The other option is to select “Photo” directly under “Start a Post,” and it will begin your posting process.

You Can Now Select Multiple Photos

When you post a photo on LinkedIn, the platform should open up your files on your computer. You can select multiple photos to post.

Select “Done” in the bottom right corner

When you’re finished, continue and select “Done” in the bottom right corner.

Write Your Caption and Select “Post”

You can now finish your post with a caption, change the post’s privacy settings and any other options you want to adjust. You can add hashtags to your caption and write something about your photos to add context to your connections. Then click “Post” in the bottom right corner.

After selecting “Post,” your photo should be published to your connections, and you can confirm that by checking your LinkedIn profile. You can find your LinkedIn profile by selecting your profile photo in the top right corner of the LinkedIn desktop website. You can tap your profile logo in the top left corner of the mobile app and select “View Profile.”

How Many Photos Can You Post on LinkedIn at Once?

When selecting photos on LinkedIn, you can choose up to 9 photos on LinkedIn. The app will tell you when you hit the threshold. 

Being able to post multiple photos on LinkedIn is helpful if you want to share pictures from an event or any other form of post involving various pieces of content.

How to Rearrange Photos on a LinkedIn Mobile Post?

When selecting photos on the LinkedIn mobile app, I noticed the number in the top right corner of each image. This number indicates the order of the pictures in the post. You can select and unselect specific photos to change the number depending on how you want the images arranged.

The LinkedIn app makes this easy and efficient when you want a specific photo to be first in your post.

Other LinkedIn Photo Features

When posting photos on LinkedIn, there are some features you can add to your photos. One is the ability to tag other people on LinkedIn in your photos. You can do this by selecting “Edit” in the top right corner or when you are initially posting the images.

There are other beneficial features on the LinkedIn desktop platform for users who want to edit photos. Using the LinkedIn platform, you can add “Alt Text” to your photos.

When you have a single photo selected on LinkedIn, you have the ability to edit the photo with filters, zooming in, adding stickers, and even attaching a URL.


LinkedIn makes it a quick and easy process to post multiple photos on its platform. Users can choose up to 9 photos and tag people in each of them. This feature can help companies and people share their photos more efficiently on the platform.

You can post photos from the mobile app or your desktop computer, making it easier to get more posts out to your LinkedIn community.

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