Does Panera Take Apple Pay?

Learn about checking out with Apple Pay at Panera and how to add other payment methods.

If you recently shopped at Panera or if you’re on your way to a Panera Bread location right now and wondering, “Does Panera Take Apple Pay?” Then you came to the right article, Yes, Panera does take Apple Pay in their stores, and you can check out at the register after ordering.

I will cover in the article instructions on how to use Apple Pay at Panera, how to use different payment methods in the app, and other helpful tips for using the Panera app.

Instructions on How to Use Apple Pay at Panera

  1. Order your Items
  2. Open up Apple Pay (Wallet) on your iPhone
  3. Checkout at the Register

Ordering and Paying on the Panera App

Aside from being able to use Apple Pay in the store at checkout, you can also use Apple Pay on the Panera app to order food and other items ahead of time. The Panera app is easy to use and has numerous options for payment methods to choose from.

Let’s start with opening and logging into the Panera app to access the menu. After opening the app, you can go to the menu to select items that you would like to order. You will see a green button at the bottom of the phone screen labeled “Add to Order *price*.” You can select that button and see a list of options, as indicated in the screenshot above.

After selecting the pick-up option, you will now have to choose a specific Panera location for the pick-up. After you select a location, there will be two sections labeled “In-Cafe Pick-up” and “Choose a Date and Time,” you can select continue after all the options are completed.

The items will now be in your cart, and you can select “Continue *price*” at the bottom. This is where you can use Apple Pay to buy food from Panera utilizing the app. If you select “Payment,” you can also choose from other payment methods such as Paypal or a Credit Card. There is also a section for gift cards you can add as a payment method within the Panera app.

If you want to add a credit card, you just have to put in the required information, or you may have the option labeled “Scan Your Card” that you can use to make the process more efficient. You can then select “Save this card to my profile” if that is something you would like to do in the app.

How to Add “MyPanera” to the Apple Wallet

If you select the menu button in the top left corner of the phone screen, you will see a section labeled “Profile & Settings” on the list. This is where you can change and update different settings in the app and your profile.

You will see a section labeled “MyPanera Number” on the list in the settings. Once you open up this section, you will see your “MyPanera Rewards” at the top. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a button labeled “Add to Apple Wallet,” this is where you will be able to add the “MyPanera” to your Apple Wallet for future checkouts at the Panera store. 

Other Payment Methods

As I mentioned, there is an option to add other payment methods to check out in the Panera app, and you can add the payments for future orders. There are two ways to add a new payment method to the Panera app.

You can first add a new payment method to the app when you checkout in the app and see the section labeled “Payment,” if you select this option, you will see a list of payment methods that I will cover below.

The other way to add new payment methods to the app is in the settings section. If you go to the “Profile & Settings” section on the app and select “Payment & Gift Cards,” this is another place you can add a gift card, credit card, or Paypal.

Side Note: You can also view your past orders in the “Profile & Settings” section and add the items to your cart for more efficiency if you don’t want to look through the menu again.

How to Send a Panera “eGift Card.”

Panera also has a section on the app labeled “eGift Cards,” and this is where you can send someone a gift card using the Panera app.

Once you open up the “eGift Card” section, you can choose from several different designs. After you select a design, you will see a list of options to fill out, such as the amount you want to put on the card. You can choose from the list of pre-selected amounts or select “Other.” You can then input an amount from “$2-$200, increments of $0.01,” according to the Panera app.

In the app, will need to fill out the required “Recipient details” in the app, and there is a section to add a message. There is also an option to schedule when you want the card to be sent, or you can send it once you checkout.

The “eGift Card” will then go to your cart on the app, and you can checkout.

How to Pay and Order Panera on the Website

After going to the Panera website, you can click the “Start an Order” button in the top right corner; this will prompt you to sign in to your Panera Bread account. You will then have the option to choose a Panera Bread location and if you are picking up or choosing delivery. 

Side Note: You also have the option to schedule an order on the Panera Bread website.

After selecting a location and choosing from the other options, you can select items from the menu and add them to your cart. Once you have everything in your cart, you can click the cart button in the top right corner. 

The cart will show you your order and other options to choose from. You will then see a button labeled “Continue *price*,” and if you select this button, you will be on the checkout page.

The checkout page is where you can add a payment method, such as a card or your PayPal account. You can also use a gift card on the website and add an optional tip. You then have the option to checkout after reviewing everything on the page.


Panera Bread has an easy-to-use app that you can efficiently check out and order items on the go. You can use Apple Pay on the mobile app and the Panera Bread store at the register. The website lets you check out using a gift, credit card, or PayPal.

There are also plenty of other features in the Panera Bread app, and this article covers some of them with the helpful instructions explained above.

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