Keychron K3 Review

Keychron K3 Review

I’ll be reviewing the Keychron K3 75% 84-Key Ultra-Slim keyboard for productivity when it comes to writing. The specific Keychron K3 I will go over today is the Optical Brown Switch option. The other options available are the Optical Red Switch and the Optical Blue Switch.

I recently became interested in using a mechanical keyboard after doing some research online and learning about the benefits. The durable feel, sound, and look of the Keychron are some of my favorite features that I will cover in the article.

Later in the article, I will explain why I chose the Brown tactile switch over the other two options and some methods on how I was able to find out which one to go with before purchasing. There are plenty of mechanical keyboards on the market, and I heard a lot about Keychron from youtube videos and searching through the Amazon website.

You can purchase the Keychron K3 on Amazon using my affiliate link.

First Thoughts

The Keychron K3 met my expectations for a first-time mechanical keyboard user. The slim keyboard doesn’t feel easily breakable; it seems durable and heavy enough not to move around on the desk when actively typing.

In the next section, I will go into the specifics of the material and hardware involved in the mechanical keyboard.

Before purchasing the Keychron, I tested out a few other brands, but most were either expensive or different from what I was looking for regarding looks, quality, and price. 

Keychron ended up being the mechanical keyboard I went with after doing extensive research online, watching multiple videos, and hearing other reviewers’ thoughts on the product.

The key selling points for me were the price, color, reviews, and other positive information I found online regarding the product.


According to the product listing, the Keychron K3 is made of a “reinforced aluminum body,” and the bottom frame is made of plastic. The product has USB-C compatibility and Bluetooth connection, depending on your preference. I use the USB-C connection on my Mac Mini.

You can also alternate between leaving the keyboard flat or using the adjustment stands on the bottom of the keyboard.

Another great feature about the keyboard is that Keychron states that you can connect the mechanical keyboard to three devices and alternate between each. This feature could be beneficial for someone who uses multiple devices.

Overall the quality is nice and feels durable, especially for the keyboard’s small size. Being the first mechanical keyboard I have used, it has met my expectations so far. Using a mechanical keyboard is a learning process that I am still going through, and I find it interesting to use it while writing.


The packaging for the Keychron K3 was impressive and came in a nice box that protected the keyboard in shipping. Also included in the packaging was a small instruction manual and an informational card explaining the keys on the keyboard. A USB-C cable was also in the box, so you could plug in the keyboard instead of wirelessly using it. Also, as listed in the product listing, there are Windows keycaps with a tool to help remove the keys.

Another feature I thought was beneficial is that you do have the option to switch between the red, blue, and brown keys if you buy the other ones from Keychron separately, according to the product listing. If you purchase other keys, make sure they are compatible with the Keychron; as stated on the product listing from Keychron, the Keychron K3 “…is not compatible with any conventional MX style mechanical switch.”

I was impressed with the quality of the packaging and the added information resources that came with the keyboard. The weight of the Keychron K3, which I will go over in the next section, also made the keyboard feel stable. 

To give more context about the actual box packaging, the box that the keyboard came with had foam around the interior, protecting the keyboard.


Since the keyboard has an aluminum body, there is some weight to it, making it feel more durable than I expected. The product listing specifies that the keyboard weighs 1.76 pounds, which can be great for traveling and as a main desk keyboard for typing purposes.

Due to its small size, the keyboard doesn’t take up much space and can be a great option if you are looking for a mechanical keyboard for traveling. I also think the backlight is great for lowlight rooms or just for entertainment; some variations are cool to use while typing.


Aside from actual productivity purposes, the backlighting on the Keychron is one of my favorite features. There are different patterns and variations for the lighting on the keyboard. You can change the light settings from the top right light key.

As stated on the product listing, the keyboard uses White LED, which I think goes very well with the gray keys. The different light patterns weren’t a big selling point for me initially. After purchasing and using the product, I liked having the option to change between different light patterns by clicking the easy-to-access key.


Before purchasing, I also briefly watched videos testing out the sound of the mechanical keyboard since I didn’t want one too loud but with a subtle clicking sound. I decided to go with the brown switch option since, in most videos, it didn’t sound as clicky as the blue switch option. The brown switch seemed like the middle ground between a loud and low-volume click.

Overall, the sound of the mechanical keys depends on the switch option you choose. The tactile brown switch was the right option for me since I didn’t want a loud-click noise. The YouTube videos helped me decide after listening to the different switches.


One of the main reasons I got the Keychron K3 was because of the compatibility with my Mac. It also has a slim and durable look that feels very stable when writing on a desk. There is a learning process when it comes to using a mechanical keyboard, especially when coming from a traditional Mac or Windows keyboard.

The Keychron K3 makes typing fun and feels more productive, in my opinion, when actively learning how to use a mechanical keyboard for writing.

Keychron makes numerous variations of keyboards available online to purchase, and you can find helpful information on YouTube that content creators make to let you hear the sound of the different switches. In my view, the mechanical keys make a unique sound that makes writing more enjoyable. 

Using a mechanical keyboard is a learning process, and I am still getting used to the sensitivity of the keys.

Overall the Keychron K3 met my pricing expectations and is a great lightweight keyboard with a high-quality build.

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