How to View Archived Cards in Trello (& More)

Learn How to View Archived Cards in Trello

In this article, I will explain how to view archived cards in Trello and other ways you can utilize cards on the platform.

View Archived Cards in Trello

After you log into your Trello account, go to the board where you archived the cards. In the top right corner, click the three-dot button under your profile icon. In the menu, find and click the “More” section. Locate the button labeled “Archived Items” and select it to find your items. You will see a list of your archived cards, but if you see your archived lists, click the “Switch to cards” button next to the search bar.

Mobile App

Open the Trello app and log into your account. Go to the “Boards” tab at the bottom of the screen. Select a board where you archived your cards. In the top right corner, tap the three-dot icon. When you get to the “Board Menu,” tap the three-dot button in the top right corner again and select the “Archive” section.

When you get to the “Archive” menu in the app, toggle to the “Cards” section below the search bar. After you find your archived cards, you can select them and view the information that was attached to the card.

See the pictures below and follow the steps to find your archived items.

Settings in Trello
More settings in Trello
Archived items in Trello

How to Unarchive a Card in Trello

There are two ways you can unarchive a board in the desktop version of Trello. Below the card in the “Archive” menu, select “Send to board.” Alternatively, you can click the card, and you will see at the top a banner labeled “This card is archived.” On the right side, at the bottom, click the “Send to board” button to unarchive the card.

Mobile App

In the “Archive” menu, open the card you want to unarchive and tap the three-dot button in the top right corner. In the drop-down menu, select “Sent to board.” Your card will be unarchived and should appear on the board when you go to your workspace.

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How to Delete Cards in Trello

There are two ways you can delete a card in Trello. When you open the card, on the right side, look for the option labeled “Archive.” When you click the “Archive” button, it will change to a “Delete” button. You can click the button to remove the card from your board.

When you archive the card, you can go to the archive list by following the instructions in the previous section of this article. In the archived cards menu, there will be an option to delete the card next to the “Send to board” button. 

Mobile App

To delete cards in the Trello app, tap the card you want to remove and select the three-dot menu button in the top right corner. At the bottom of the drop-down menu, click the “Delete Card” option to remove it from your board. Once the card is deleted from the board, you can’t get it back like you can with archived cards. The card will be permanently deleted from your board.

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How to Export Trello Cards

On the Trello platform, you have the ability to export your cards to share with others. Aside from exporting, you can share a link for others to find your card.

  1. Go to the board and open the card
  2. Find the “Actions” section on the right side
  3. Find and click “Share”
  4. Click “Print…” or “Export JSON”

You have numerous options to export or share your cards in Trello. To save a card as a PDF, click “Print…” and print the card to PDF. Alternatively, you can print a physical copy of the Trello card.

Aside from exporting a Trello card, you can share a link or QR code that is directed to your card. The link will be in the same section as the exporting options when you click “Share.”

Share a Trello Card Link from the Mobile App

You can copy the link to a card in the mobile app. Find and open the card to find the link. Tap the three-dot button in the top right corner and select “Copy Link” in the drop-down menu. You can paste and share the link to the card.

How to Sort Cards in Trello

If you have a lot of cards in your list, you can organize or sort them to your preference. Sorting the cards can help you organize the structure of your material. To sort the cards, go to the list in the board and click the three-dot icon in the top right corner next to the list title. You will see a pop-up menu of “List Actions.”

In the pop-up menu, click “Sort by…,” and you can choose one of the sort options. To test this, I created multiple cards and sorted them alphabetically. You can also use the “Automation” features to sort your lists in Trello.

Mobile App

Sorting a list of your cards in the mobile app is similar to using the platform on your desktop. Go to the list and tap the three-dot button in the top right corner (the corner of the list). Select the option labeled “Sort List,” and choose one of the sorting options.

At the top are two tabs labeled “Descending” and “Ascending” that you can alternate between to sort your cards. 


On Trello, you can organize and structure your cards with helpful information. You can archive a card if you no longer want it to appear on your list. After archiving a card, you may want to put it back in your list, which you can do by unarchiving it. 

Alternatively, if you want to get rid of cards, you can delete them by following the instructions above. The app is beneficial for on-the-go edits to your Trello lists and cards. 

You can refer to this article to learn how to unarchive cards on the platform and other beneficial tips regarding Trello.

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