How to Set Notifications on Robinhood

Learn how to set notifications on the Robinhood app and in email.

Let’s go over how to set notifications on Robinhood for your mobile device and other helpful notification settings in the app. You can also turn on email notifications in the app; I will review this later in the article. To learn more about the different notification settings in Robinhood, keep reading below, where there will be a section going over specific settings in the app that you can enable.

The article will cover the mobile version of Robinhood, where you can enable notifications on your device or in your email inbox. A great feature in the settings on Robinhood is the messages notification option because if you are on a desktop device, you can access the notifications on the Robinhood platform.

Another option for desktop users is email notifications, where you can enable settings to have multiple notifications regarding account activity or specific options sent to your email inbox.

How to turn on Notifications for Robinhood Mobile:

You will most likely start on the main investing page on the mobile app. The below steps will go over where to find the notification settings from the investing page.

  1. Tap the Bottom Right Profile Tab
  2. Hit the Menu Button in the Top Left Corner
  3. Scroll Down to Settings and Open the Tab
  4. Tap “Notifications and messages”
  5. Choose which Type of Notifications You Want to Turn On or Off

I’ll break down each step below with pictures to display where the settings are and how to find them in the app. 

Tap the Bottom Right Profile Tab

You will most likely open the app in the main Investing tab, where you will see your balance, positions, and charts. The section to look for is in the bottom right corner where the arrow is pointing in the picture above.

Hit the Menu Button in the Top Left Corner

After you tap the profile button, you will see the profile dashboard, and in the top left, there will be a menu button where the arrow is pointing in the picture. 

Scroll Down to Settings and Open the Tab

When you enter the menu, there will be a list of sections; look for the one labeled “Settings,” and it will say “Notifications, Account” under the setting.

Tap “Notifications and messages”

Now there will be an option labeled “Notifications and Messages” in the app where you will find all the notification settings for the Robinhood app.

Choose which Type of Notifications You Want to Turn On or Off

Now there will be a list of options for notifications on the list labeled “Push Notifications,” “Email Notifications,” and “Messages.” You can open the tab and choose which notification setting you want to change.

How to turn on Email Notifications for Robinhood:

Now I’ll show you where to find the email notification settings in the Robinhood app. If you follow the instructions above, you should be in the menu that gives you the option for notification settings. After you select the email notifications tab, there will be a list of options to turn on or off for email notifications like your bank activity and spending alerts.

The following section will review the different options regarding specific types of notifications, including the email settings tab.

The Difference Between Push Notifications, Email Notifications, and Messages on Robinhood

Push notifications on Robinhood will enable notifications on your device that will come up and look like notifications similar to texts, news updates, or any other notification you have enabled on your device. Remember, if you want to turn on notifications in the app, have the notifications enabled in your device settings outside the Robinhood app.

Email Notifications on Robinhood give you the option to receive emails in your inbox regarding banking activity, spending alerts, shareholder updates like dividends or earnings, and the status of your orders. 

Like the email notifications tab, messages on Robinhood are helpful for in-app notifications and messages where you can get updates on account activity. As mentioned earlier in the article, messages are a great option for desktop users on the Robinhood platform, aside from email notifications.

Types of Notifications on Robinhood

I’ve put together some interesting options in the notification settings that you can enable in the app. The first is the option to get notified of stock alerts or movements in the price of a stock. Robinhood gives you the option they call a “Price Threshold,” where you can choose between 5% or 10%. This feature is helpful for being notified when a stock price changes in the Robinhood app.

Another option for stock alerts in Robinhood is the 52-week high or low option. You can also enable these options for stocks not only in your open positions but also in your watchlist.

The second feature I wanted to bring up was the shareholder update option in the notification settings because this is helpful for staying updated on companies an investor has in their Robinhood portfolio. 

You can get updates on dividends and earnings. This shareholder notification option is great for keeping track of the “holdings” or companies in an investor’s portfolio.

The last feature was the bank activity option because it can be helpful to stay updated on all activity in your Robinhood account.


Robinhood has plenty of helpful features on the app, and notifications are great for staying updated on account activity. There can be a lot of noise during volatile markets, so it’s great that Robinhood gives you the option to filter between different notification settings.

The ability to turn on or off stock alerts (or “stock price movements”) in the app helps focus on the positions in your portfolio. If the market gets volatile and an investor is a long-term holder, it can be useful to turn off the notifications to avoid the noise.

There are plenty of other features on Robinhood to cover, and notifications are a great place to start in the app when building up a watchlist or opening new positions. The shareholder notifications are great for getting notified and staying informed on companies in an investor’s portfolio on the Robinhood app.

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