How to Make a Logo Bigger on Squarespace

Learn How to Make a Logo Bigger on Squarespace

In this article, I am going to explain how to make your logo bigger on Squarespace and where you can design one for your website.

Make the Logo Bigger on Squarespace

Edit logo Squarespace
Logo size in Squarespace

To make the logo bigger, log into your Squarespace account and go to the website. In the top left corner, click and select “Edit Site Header.” In the menu, click “Site Title & Logo” to find the logo settings. At the bottom, you can adjust the “Logo Height” and “Mobile Logo Max Height.” To save your changes, click the “Done” button in the top left corner.

Mobile View

As mentioned earlier, you can also adjust the size of the mobile logo for your website. Alternatively, Squarespace allows you to upload a separate mobile version of your logo. The platform will automatically use the desktop version if you don’t have one.

When you are done editing your logo’s size, you can alternate between desktop or mobile device preview modes. You can make quick adjustments to align with your preferences by alternating between the two.

Aside from adding a logo to your site header, you can also add social media buttons so your audience can learn more about your brand.

How to Make the Site Title Bigger on Squarespace

Find site styles Squarespace

Changing the size of your site title is different than changing the logo. If you don’t have a logo image on your webpage, you can write a site title to make it look professional. To change the site title size, go into edit mode and click the paintbrush button in the top right corner. On the right side, click the “Fonts” section in the “Site Styles” menu.

Edit site title Squarespace
Edit site title size on Squarespace

After going to the “Fonts” section, click the title on the page, and you should see the menu saying “Assign Styles” at the top. Find the “Site Title” and “Mobile Site Title” options. When you choose one of the options, you will have the ability to pick a size for your title.

In the “Fonts” section, you have the ability to change the title font, similar to changing the fonts on your website.

How to Change your Site Title

To change the title of your website, click “Edit” in the top left corner and select “Site Title & Logo” in the menu. At the top of the section, there should be a text box where you can type in a new title for your site.

Whether you have a logo or title in your header, it will appear at the top of your pages. For example, if you have a video page on your website, you will see your title in the header.

How to Change your Logo

Changing your website’s logo is similar to changing the site title. Go into edit mode and click the “Edit Site Header” button at the top. Select “Site title & logo” at the top of the menu to find your logo. In the “Logo Image” section, you have three options: “Replace,” “Edit,” and “Remove.” To remove a logo, click the three-dot button in the “Logo Image” section.

Select “Replace,” and you can upload a new logo to your website. As mentioned, this section is also where you can edit your site title.

How to Delete a Logo on Squarespace

Click the three-dot button next to “Edit” in the “Logo Image” section. You can find this option in the “Site title & logo” menu. When you click the three-dot button, you should see an option labeled “Remove.” When you click the button, you should see the logo disappear from your website.

If you deleted a logo and want to put it back on your website, you can go to your photo library. In the “Site title & logo” section, click “Add logo” and choose “Select from Library.” Select the image in the library and click “Add” in the bottom right corner.

How to Edit a Logo on Squarespace

When you go to the “Site title & logo” section, you can click “Edit” to adjust the settings for your current logo. When you click the button, Squarespace will direct you to a page where you can edit the picture. There are three tabs you can alternate between labeled “Adjust,” “Crop,” and “Filter.”

I found the crop feature helpful for quick edits after you upload the logo to your library. You can choose one of the preset dimensions or a custom crop size. When you go to the “Adjust” tab, you can change the “Brightness,” “Sharpness,” and plenty of other beneficial photo settings. In the “Filter” tab, I noticed there were numerous options to choose from when adjusting the appearance of your pictures. 

Where to Design a Logo for Squarespace

There are numerous places you can design a logo for your Squarespace website. You can use Canva as a free method by utilizing text boxes and frames. There are also plenty of other helpful tools on the platform to help you create a great logo for your brand.

Alternatively, you can use another photo or graphic design software on the market to create a customized logo. Canva has a free version which is super helpful for editing quick images or videos.

Fiverr for Logo Designs

If you have some money to spend on a logo, you can go to Fiverr and do research. There are plenty of freelancers that are offering logo design and creation. I typed in “Website Logo” and saw prices ranging from $10 to $95. The prices can change, and you can look for one within your budget. You can research and figure out which logo creation method works for you.

At the top is a filter section with an option labeled “Logo Options.” If you click that button, you can filter for logos by “Logo Style,” “File Format,” and other service preferences. The platform is beneficial for finding sellers who make logos that align with your ideas and theme.


A logo can be a great way to make your website look professional for new visitors. If you don’t have a logo, you can type in a site title and customize the look by changing the size or font. These features on Squarespace allow you to create a customized and great-looking website.

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