How to Duplicate a Page in Squarespace

Learn How to Duplicate a Page in Squarespace

In this article, I will explain how to duplicate a page in Squarespace and other ways to edit pages efficiently. On the platform, you can quickly add, delete, or duplicate pages to create a well-designed website.

In the following sections, I will discuss the various settings you can use to edit pages, like the titles and where they appear on the website. You can also edit your navigation appearance and titles to help organize the webpage. After adding a new page, you can add sections with text and customize the fonts and colors.

Duplicating a Page in Squarespace

Duplicate a page in Squarespace

You can duplicate a page in Squarespace by going to the “Main Navigation” on the right. When you get to the menu, hover your mouse over the page you want to duplicate. Click the settings icon next to the page’s name.

When you click the settings button, the platform will direct you to a menu where you can edit the page’s details. Scroll to the bottom of the “General” tab and find the button labeled “Duplicate Page.” A pop-up will appear when you click the button, asking you to confirm that you want to duplicate or copy the page.

If you confirm and add the duplicated page to your website, the platform will direct you to rename the new page. Once you rename the navigation title of the page, you can edit the URL and make other adjustments in the settings.

Change your Homepage in Squarespace

Change homepage in Squarespace

In the settings of a page, you can make it the homepage of your website. In the next section, I will go over how to delete pages on the platform. To make a new page on your website’s homepage, go to the menu on the right. Hover your mouse over the page name and go to the settings.

In the “General” section, scroll down and click “Set as Homepage.” That page should now appear as your new homepage. To ensure the change was made, a home page icon should be next to the name in the navigation. 

After you change your homepage, you can start editing it to align with your preferences. You can click “Edit” in the top left corner to add content to the page. You can move your homepage to the “Not Linked” section if you don’t want it to appear in the “Main Navigation.”

How to Add a Page in Squarespace

You can add a page in Squarespace by clicking the plus icon in the right corner of the navigation. There will be two sections labeled “Main Navigation” and “Not Linked.” The difference between the two has to do with the website’s navigation.

If you create a “Not Linked” page, it will not appear in the navigation on your homepage or any other pages. The page is public and appears on your website, not in the navigation. When you click the plus button, there will be multiple page options.

For this tutorial, I will go over creating a blank page in Squarespace. Click the option labeled “Blank Page” in the menu, and it should appear on your website. Similar to duplicating a page, you can rename it according to your preference.

Page Settings in Squarespace

When you go to the settings for your new page, you can change information like the URL and “Navigation Title.” To change the navigation title quickly, you can double-click it in the menu. There are different title settings that you can change along with the URL.

In the settings, you can add an image, description, and other options to customize your page. After adjusting the settings, you can design your header and navigation to make the home page look structured. In the style settings, you can move the navigation around to align with your theme.

If you have tasks you need to get done or assign to your team, you can use a platform like Asana to keep track of progress.

How to Delete a Page on Squarespace

Delete a page in Squarespace

Deleting a page is similar to the previous sections explained in this article. You start by going to the “General” section of the settings for the page. At the bottom, click “Delete Page.” The page should be removed from your navigation, and you can add a new one.


There is a shortcut for deleting a page in Squarespace. If you hover your mouse over the page name, you can click the small red delete icon on the left.

There is a section at the bottom of the navigation labeled “Deleted Pages” where you can view an archive of the ones you removed. When you go into the section, you can permanently delete them by clicking “Empty Trash” at the top.

Alternatively, you can restore a deleted page in Squarespace. To restore a page, go to the “Deleted Pages” section and hover over a page. On the right, click “Restore” to bring it back to your navigation.

How to Hide a Page in Squarespace

If there is a page on your website that you want to hide or remove from the public, you can disable it in the settings. Go to the “General” section in the settings and toggle “Enable Page” to off. Ensure you click “Save” in the top left corner to keep your changes.

At the bottom of the menu, you can confirm the page is hidden by seeing “This Page is Disabled.” Alternatively, you can password-protect a page. As mentioned, if you want a page to be public but hidden from your navigation, you can move it to the “Not Linked” section.

You can move pages between the “Main Navigation” and “Not Linked” by dragging them in the menu. If you right-click on a page in the menu on the left, the page settings will pop up. This shortcut is a quick trick you can use while editing. You can also hide your page from “Search Results” in the SEO settings.


Squarespace allows you to edit and adjust your pages to organize your website quickly. If there is a specific page that you prefer to use as a template, you can keep duplicating it. After copying the page, you can edit it and add new content. You can add numerous sections to a page to give more context.

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