How to Change the Font in Squarespace

Learn How to Change Font in Squarespace

In this article, I will discuss how to change the font in Squarespace and other customizable text features. You can add colors, fonts, and different designs to your webpage. Below I will go over these features along with color customization on the platform.

How to Edit Text in Squarespace

To change or edit the font on your Squarespace website, you should first learn how to edit text. Go to the page you want to edit by clicking it in the navigation. If you want to create a new page, you can duplicate it in Squarespace

When you get to the page, click “Edit” in the top left corner. Go to the text you want to edit, and click it to see the toolbar at the top. There are numerous settings you can choose from to change your text design. Some features include changing the heading style, bolding words, highlighting text, and other options.

You can also change the background of the text to align with your page’s theme. To change the background, click the text box and select the pencil icon in the left corner.

Change Font in Squarespace

Changing the font on your Squarespace website is a quick and easy process. Start by going into edit mode, as I explained above. In the top right corner, click the paint brunch icon. This section is called “Site Styles.” In this section, you can edit colors, fonts, and many other design features.

Edit Site styles in Squarespace
Change fonts in Squarespace

At the top, click “Fonts” to view the font menu. This section is where you can edit the font on your page, along with global settings. If you select a heading on your page, you can change its font. On the right side, you should see a menu labeled “Headings” at the top.

Font family in Squarespace

In the “Headings” menu, you can click “Family” to change the font type for your text. The top of the menu will list the fonts currently in your design, and you can click “Browse All Fonts” to see more. At the top, you can search for a specific font or scroll through to discover more. You can change the paragraph text font if you follow the same instructions.

When you make these changes, they should appear on other website pages.

Font Settings

There are various other settings in Squarespace, like text weight, style, and size. If you go to the “Size” section at the bottom, you can change the font size for the headings on your page. There is also an option at the top to allow you to change the letter spacing of your text.

Aligning and Duplicating Text

On Squarespace, there is a great selection of options you can adjust to customize the text on your page. After you make changes to your text, you can duplicate it by clicking the duplicate button in the text box toolbar. Aligning text is simple; you can do it by clicking the align button in the toolbar. This feature makes it helpful to center your text in the section.

There is another way to access your “Site Styles” settings on Squarespace. If you click “Home” in the top corner of the menu on the left, you will see the main menu for your website. On the list, select “Design” and click “Site Styles.” You can edit the text font or colors from this menu.

How to Change Font Color in Squarespace

Change colors in Squarespace
Change color section

As I mentioned, you can change the background of your text on the page. You can also change the font color to align with your theme. If you go to “Site Styles” by clicking the brush icon in the top right corner, you will find a section labeled “Colors.” Click this button to see a wide variety of color themes.

At the top of the menu, you can click “Edit Palette” to change the theme of your page. There will be “Presets” at the bottom you can use for inspiration. Aside from the presets, you can pick a custom color at the top. The color code will be at the bottom so you can see which one you are using for your theme.

Change the Text or Font Color

If you want to change the color of the text only, click the theme type in the top right corner of the section. Ensure that you pick the specific section where the text is on your page. In the “Edit Theme” menu, you will see a list of text and header options. To quickly find the specific header or text you want to change, you can select it on the page.

The menu will direct you to the text option on the right side, where you can change the color. Select the color circle and choose a theme color. Alternatively, you can click “Custom” to pick a customized color option.

In short, you can adjust the font color by:

  1. Going to the page and clicking edit
  2. Select the brush button in the top right corner
  3. Click “Colors” on the list
  4. Select the theme type in the top right corner of the section
  5. Change the text color on the right side menu

How to Change a Section Color in Squarespace

Like changing the font color in your design, you can also change the section theme color. To change the theme color, go into edit mode for a page and click on a section. In the top right corner, click “Edit Section.” In the “Colors” tab, you can pick a color theme for the section.

Change the Background of a Section in Squarespace

When you edit a section on the page, you can click the “Background” tab at the top of the menu pop-up. Read the previous section to find where the edit menu is on the page. In the “Background” tab, you can upload a photo, video or choose art from Squarespace’s selection.


Customizing and designing your page in Squarespace is as simple as dragging and dropping new blocks. If you add text blocks, you can edit them following the instructions mentioned in this article. When you finish editing and changing the design of your pages, you can view them in the preview mode at the top. You can alternate between desktop or mobile view modes in the right corner.

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