How to Add Videos to Squarespace

Learn How to Add Videos to Squarespace

In this article, I will go over how to add videos to Squarespace so you can customize and add content to your website. There are video blocks, backgrounds, and pages that you can use to create a great-looking website for your visitors.

Add Videos to Squarespace

There are numerous ways you can add videos to your Squarespace website. In a later section, I will go over how you can add a video page and use the helpful feature to provide great content to your audience.

When you log into Squarespace, go to the website you want to start editing. You can insert the video on a current page or create a new page by clicking “Pages” in the menu. If you want to, you can duplicate a page that you currently have on your website. At the top, click the plus icon to add a new page to your website. To add a video, click the “Edit” button in the top left corner and select “Add section.”

Add video block
Upload a video in Squarespace

After you add a section to your page, click “Add Block” in the top left corner and search for “Video.” Click the video block to add it to your page. You can select the “Edit” icon in the toolbar above the block to upload your video. Click “Add a Video” in the “Content” menu and select “Upload File.”

Add a Video Using a Link

You can add a video to your website using a link by clicking “Add from Link.” This option will allow you to paste a link and add it to your page. One of my favorite features of this option is the ability to add a “Custom feature image” to the linked video. This picture would appear like a thumbnail.

Side note: I thought I’d mention that when editing your pages on Squarespace, you can add videos to the background of a section. To do this, edit a section and click “background” in the menu. Select the “Video” tab at the top and click “Add a Video.”

How to Resize the Video Block

Resize video

After you insert a video block on your page, you can resize it to align with your theme. Go into “Edit” mode and click the video. You should see a blue border with points in each corner of your video thumbnail. To resize the video block, click a point and drag it to make the video bigger. To make the video smaller, drag the point toward the center.

There are other ways you can customize your page’s theme, such as changing the font of your text. You can also add additional features like images. Whether you added a video by link or uploaded one, you can still use this resize feature.

How to Add a Video Page

Add video page

I went over how to add a video block to your page in the previous sections, but you can also add a video page to your website. To add a video page on Squarespace, click the plus icon in the “Main Navigation.” Find the “Collections” section in the menu and click “Videos.”

When I added a video page, there were presets from Squarespace showing me how you could customize the page. There are categories and numerous other settings you can adjust to publish these videos on your website.

How to Add a Video Category in Squarespace

Add video category

After adding a video page, click the plus icon in the top right corner of the menu navigation on the left side of your screen. In this “Add Video” menu, you can upload a video, add new categories, adjust the status of your video, and other settings. Select the “Categories” section and type in a name for your new category.

When you pick a category name, click “Add” on the right side of the text box. You should see the category appear in the list. If you hover your mouse over the name and select the three-dot icon, you can click “Edit.”

At the top of the category page, you can change the name and choose a “URL Slug.” At the bottom, you can adjust visibility settings.

How to Add a Video to a Video Page

In the menu, click the “Content” section on the left side to add a new video. You can start by typing in a title and uploading a video by clicking “Add a Video.” After uploading the video, you can fill out the following sections labeled “Excerpt” and “Description.” If you plan on sharing the video, you can create your own “Custom URL.”

To add a video to a category on Squarespace, in the “Content” section, go to the bottom and find “Related Videos.” When you get to this option, click the drop-down menu and select your category. If you want to learn how to add a video category, refer to the previous section.

How to Publish a Video on Squarespace

Publish a video or change video status

When you first add a video to your video page, it will appear in a “Draft” status. You can publish the video by hovering your mouse over the video and clicking the three-dot icon. Select “Edit Video” in the drop-down options and go to “Status” on the right side of the menu.

You have the option to schedule a video so you can publish it to your audience, or you can checkmark “Published” to post it. After you are done, select “Save” in the top left corner.

What is the Video-Storage Limit on Squarespace?

On Squarespace, there are various video limits to look out for when publishing. You can read more about this information on Squarespace’s help page. In short, when it comes to video pages, there is a “5000 MB limit.” Video Blocks have a “500 MB limit.” Aside from these limits, there are numerous other specifications that you can learn more about by clicking the help page I linked to above.


Hopefully, this article was helpful, and you were able to add videos to your website. Using the Squarespace platform, I found it to be simple and clean when it comes to the user interface. There are other features you can add to your website, like social media buttons and contact forms.

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