How to Use Frames in Canva

Learn How to Use Frames in Canva

In this article, I will explain how to use frames in Canva to add a professional look to your design. You can add different frame shapes, designs, and grids to place your photos on a new design. 

To find frames quickly on the platform, you can search for them and select one to add to your page. Similar to frames, I will go over grids and how you can use the feature in your design.

Using frames can be a helpful way to organize and add a professional look to the photos in your design. Below I will explain how to find the frames and add one to your design. You can also use grids to put multiple images together or make a collage.

How to Add a Frame

Find Frames in Canva
Searching for frames

To add a frame to a design in Canva, you first have to log into your account and start a new design. On the left side, click “Elements” and find “Frames” on the list. Click the “See all” to view a menu of different frames.

Find and click a frame design to add it to your page. After you add the frame to your design, you can move it around on the page and resize it, which I will discuss later.

Mobile App

Add an element in Canva
Frames in Canva App

To add a frame on the mobile app, log into your account and pick a design you want to edit. Tap the plus button in the bottom left and select the “Elements” tab at the bottom. A shortcut should be at the top that says “Frame,” or you can type it into the search bar.

After finding the frames, press “See all” to view a list of frame designs on the platform. You can use the shortcuts at the top to find a specific frame or search for them. There is also a filter button on the right side of the search bar that you can use to find frames more efficiently.

When you find the frame for your design, press it, and it should appear on the page. You can move the frame around by tapping and moving it around the page. If you don’t want to use a frame you added, you can delete it by tapping it and clicking the delete icon at the top of the frame.

Frame Designs in Canva

There are plenty of designs to choose from on the platform that you can use for your photos. In the menu, you can search at the top for specific shapes that you want to find. Not only are there regular shapes, but also more customized-looking frames like letters and devices.

There are a variety of options that you can search and filter through to find one that aligns with your design. After you put the frame and image on the page, you can add a text box to your design.

Change the Color of a Frame

If you add a frame with a border, you can change the color to match your theme on the page. To change the color, click the element and go to the top bar. Click the color button on the left side and choose the color for your border.

After you pick a color, the border color should change on the page. At the top of the color menu, Canva will generate colors that match your design on the page which can help you choose a color.

How to Resize Frames in Canva

You can resize a frame by clicking it and selecting a circle in any corner of the frame. When you click and hold the circle in the corner, you can move your mouse left or right to change the size of the frame.

You can also rotate the frame by clicking the rotate icon at the bottom. If you have an image inside a frame, both will rotate together. 

How to Add Photos to Frames

Uploading a photo in Canva
Adding a photo into a frame

Adding a photo to a frame on Canva can be done if you upload the picture to the images section in Canva. To upload a photo, you have to click “Uploads” on the right side and select the “Upload files” button at the top.

Select a photo from your computer and upload it to Canva. The photo appears in the “Images” tab in the “Uploads” section. Alternatively, you can drag a photo into your design, and it should begin uploading to Canva.

Once you add the photo to your design, click it and hover it over the frame. When you hover the photo over the frame, you should see a preview of it appear inside, and you can drop it to complete the process. The photo should be inside the frame, and you can still resize it to fit your design correctly.

If you want to move the photo around inside a frame, you can double-click it and move it left or right. You can also zoom in when you double-click the picture and enlarge it by clicking the circle icon in the corner. When you enlarge the photo, it will zoom in on the image inside the frame.

Mobile App

Upload an image in Canva mobile app
Add a photo to a frame in the Canva app

To add a photo in a frame in the Canva app, you can start by uploading the image from your device. You can upload a picture by tapping the plus icon in the bottom left and selecting the “Uploads” tab. Alternatively, you can upload a photo directly from your camera roll by pressing the “Camera Roll” tab.

After choosing a photo from your device:

  1. Add it to your design and do the same with a frame.
  2. Tap and hover the image over the frame when you add both elements to the page.
  3. After hovering the picture over the frame, drop it inside. The photo should appear inside the frame so you can resize and move it around.

How to Use Grids in Canva

The last feature I wanted to cover in this article is grids. Similar to collages, you can use grids to organize images next to each other. If you go to “Elements” and search for “Grids,” you can view various options.

Grids are similar to frames; you can add photos by dropping them inside the grid. You can add multiple images and choose a layout from the list. This feature is great for adding additional pictures to a design with an organized look. You can also resize the grids by clicking the circle in the corner and moving left or right.


Frames are a great feature that you can use to help customize your image in a design. You can use this feature on the website and mobile app to quickly edit your design on the go. There are plenty of frame designs to go through and add to your design theme.

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