Does Jersey Mike’s Take Apple Pay?

Learn if Jersey Mike's Takes Apple Pay

If you were wondering, “Does Jersey Mike’s take Apple Pay?” this article will give you an in-depth explanation of how you can shop at this sandwich spot.

The answer is yes; Jersey Mike’s does offer Apple Pay as a payment method at checkout. There are also plenty of other food places that take Apple Pay, like WawaChipotle, and Wingstop.

Ordering Jersey Mike’s using the App

Aside from going to the store in person, you can order your food ahead of time and checkout using Apple Pay. The mobile app can make ordering and paying for your food convenient, so you don’t have to wait in the shop.

You can download the free app from the app store and add food from the menu to your cart. Once you complete your order, you can select where you want to pick up the food, when you want to pick it up and add a promo code if you have one. There is a feature that allows you to schedule a pickup order which is great if you want to plan ahead.

Checkout using Apple Pay

After you are done going through the process explained above, you can tap “Next” at the bottom of the app. The app will direct you to a “Checkout” page with a subtotal for your order. You can add a tip, use a gift card, and pay by going to the “Payment” secretion at the bottom.

There is an option to add a credit card if you choose to use that payment method. Alternatively, you can select the “Apple Pay” option and tap the “Buy with Apple Pay” button at the bottom.

Ordering Jersey Mike’s on the Website

Alternatively, using your desktop, you can order food from Jersey Mike’s website. To check out, you will need to use your credit card when paying. The desktop version allows you to add items to your cart, choose a pickup time, and add a tip.

You can also add a promotional code at checkout if you have one. When you are at the checkout, you can click “Review+Pay” in the bottom right to add your card. After you get to the “Payment” tab, you can add your credit card or type in a gift card code if you have one. The process is similar to checking out on the mobile app, except you don’t have the Apple Pay option.

Check your Jersey Mike’s Gift Card Balance

On the website, you have the ability to check your gift card balance. You can type in the card’s number and click “Get Balance.” You also have the option to purchase a virtual or physical gift card on the website. As stated on the website, if you purchase a virtual gift card, you can send it to someone using their email address.


To conclude, you can use Apple Pay at a Jersey Mike’s store to check out at the cash register. Alternatively, you can use the mobile app to order food using Apple Pay and schedule a pickup.

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