How to Check Your Dividends on Robinhood

Learn How to Check Dividends on Robinhood

When purchasing stocks or ETFs, you can learn how to check your dividends on Robinhood from this article. There are numerous ways on the platform to find your dividend payments and look at your history. You can view dividends for a specific stock or look at a list of your holdings’ payments.

Below I will go over how you can view and find your dividends on Robinhood in the app on your phone and the website.

Check Dividends on Robinhood

When you receive a dividend on Robinhood, you should receive a notification. These notifications are a great way to stay updated on dividend activity. One of the ways to check your recent dividend payments on Robinhood is by going to your recent transactions.

Mobile App

View transaction history on Robinhood
Filter on Robinhood transactions
Filter by dividends on Robinhood
  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the “Cash” page and scroll down to “Recent History”
  3. Tap “Show more” to see your recent dividends

You can log in to your account with your email and password. In a later section, I will go over how you can filter through these transactions to only view dividends and how to find more details regarding the payments.


If you want to view your dividends on Robinhood’s website, you can start by logging in to your account. Click “Account” in the top right corner and select “history.” On this list, you will see your recent transactions and dividend payments.

On this recent transaction list, if you have dividend reinvesting enabled on the platform, these transactions will also appear in this section.

Find Dividend History on Robinhood

On the platform, you view the dividend history for a specific stock, or you can view the dividend history for all your holdings.

Individual Stock or ETF

Robinhood Dividend Payment Details

When reviewing your dividend payments on Robinhood, you can select a stock in your holdings to view the recent dividend history. Scroll down past the chart, position information, “About” section, and all the other information until you get to a section labeled “History.”

This section shows your recent dividend history for that specific stock by selecting “Show more” at the bottom. You will see the transaction history for that particular stock, so you can filter the list by tapping “All types” at the top and selecting “Dividends.”

In the next section, I will go over what information you can see when you select a specific dividend payment for more details.

All of Your Holdings

You can follow the instructions at the top of this article to view your holdings’ dividend history. You will be able to view all of your holding’s dividend payments in the “Recent History” section.

Another thing to note, if you want to filter the history list, you can tap the “All types” button at the top. Select the option “Dividends,” and the list should filter your recent dividends. This history list is broken down by month to see when you received your dividend payments.

You can see the full path of the payment if you select a specific dividend payment transaction. The details will be included about when the dividend was announced, paid, and reinvested.

The reinvested part will be in this section if you have the option enabled, and you can see it says “Filled” with the date. Toward the bottom of the dividend payment details page, you will be able to find a list of more information regarding the payment:

  • Number of Shares
  • Amount Per Share
  • Total Amount

This information will provide you with a breakdown of the total dividend amount. The “Number of Shares” includes fractional shares if you hold any. At the bottom, there is the “Reinvestment Amount,” which will show you how many shares were purchased with your total dividend payment and the stock purchase price.

Find the Dividends on Your Account Statement

Another way to find dividend payments on Robinhood is to look at your account statement. The statement will provide you with helpful information regarding your account activity.

Tap the profile icon on the bottom right and select the menu icon on the top left. On the menu list, select “Statements” at the bottom. You should see “Individual Brokerage account statements” at the top. If you select this option, you can see your monthly account statements from Robinhood.

The first page of the statement will have a summary of your account activity. In the “Income and Expense Summary,” there will be a section labeled “Dividends.” This table below is similar to how your dividends will be summarized on the page:

Income and Expense SummaryThis PeriodYear to Date
Dividends*Dividend Amount**Dividend Amount*
Source of Information Included in the table: Robinhood

insert table

On the “Portfolio Summary” page, there will be a list of your current holdings and a section labeled “Est. Dividend Yield” on the right side. The “Account Activity” page is where you can see your dividend activity for the month.

How to Track your Dividends on Robinhood

After reviewing your dividend payments and activity, you can track this information to see your progress over time. You can use dividend trackers to stay up-to-date with your progress or create a customized template. A personalized template can allow you to add or remove different sections depending on your preferences.

You can track your dividends in Excel or any other software you use on your computer. Some information you can keep track of is a list of your holdings and the number of shares you hold. The information Robinhood provides that I mentioned in this article can be helpful for understanding your dividend progress.

Depending on how many holdings you have in your portfolio, you may receive dividends on a monthly basis spread out through the year, and you can track these payments. If you have DRIP enabled, you can also see if your dividend payments are growing.


Robinhood provides helpful information regarding dividends; if you want to keep track of them, you can refer to your account statement. The statement can be a quick way to see a breakdown of your dividends for that specific period. You can also go back to other statements to see a summary of the dividend activity.

Using the Robinhood app can help you find your dividend history quickly when you’re on the go. Read the beginning of this article to find out how to find your dividend payments on the platform.

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