How to Copy a Trello Board & Other Features

Learn How to Copy a Trello Board & Other Features

In this article, I’ll explain how to copy a Trello board and how you can create a new workspace on the platform. Trello allows you to move boards and lists to help reorganize your workspace. You can also copy boards and lists to create more of them efficiently.

Below I will review how you can utilize these features on Trello’s website and mobile app. 

How to Copy a Trello Board

How to find the menu on Trello
More settings on Trello
Copy a Board on Trello

Log in to your Trello account and click the board you want to copy. In the top right corner, click the three-dot icon and select “…more.” On the list, you can click “Copy board.” You will have to create a new title to name the copied Trello board. Below the title, you can select a workspace, and I will go over how to create a new workspace in the next section. When copying the Trello board, you can include the cards and template cards by checking the box.

Settings for Copying a Board on Trello

After completing the steps, click “Create” to start using your new Trello board.

Mobile App

Copying a board on the mobile app is quick and similar to the desktop version of Trello. Tap the board you want to copy and select the three-dot menu icon in the top right. Find and tap the copy icon. The copy icon should be next to the share button at the top of the “Board Menu.”

After following the steps, you can enter a new name and select a workspace for the board. If you want to change the visibility settings, you can do so during this process. There will also be a toggle if you want to keep the cards on the board and you can tap “Create” in the top right corner to complete copying the board.

Create a New Workspace on Trello

Create a Workspace on Trello

To create a new workspace on Trello, click “Create” at the top of the page. Find and click “Create Workspace” at the bottom of the list. A popup will appear on the screen where you can name your new workspace.

After picking a name, you have to choose which type of workspace you are creating. If you don’t know which type you want to create, you can select “Other” at the bottom. When completing this step, you can fill out a description for your new workspace. The description isn’t required but can be helpful for more information about the purpose of the workspace.

When you complete filling out all the necessary information, you can click “Create” and then input emails to invite other members to the new workspace. If you want to invite other members later, you can click “I’ll do this later” at the bottom of the page.

Your new workspace should now appear on the screen, and you can alternate between workspaces by clicking “Workspaces” in the top left corner.

Side note: You can copy the link to the workspace to share with others so they can join as members.

Copy a Board to Another Workspace

Copy a Board to a new workspace

If you follow the explanation above for how to copy a Trello board, there will be an option to click a drop-down menu that will list your different workspaces. You can choose the particular workspace you want the new board to appear in and click “Create” at the bottom after finishing the other steps.

To confirm, you can go to the other workspace and check to see if the board is there for you to edit. If you want to delete a board, you can do that in the board menu.

How to Copy a Trello List

Copying a List

In the next section, I will explain how you can move a list over to another board, but first, let’s review how to copy a Trello list. You can start by going to the list and clicking the three-dot icon, which will display a menu labeled “List actions.”

On the menu, click “Copy list…” and you can rename the new copied list to differentiate it from the others. You should now see the new copied list on your board. This feature can help you create lists more efficiently if you want them to have similar information. You can change the list and add new information after copying it.

Mobile App

When using the Trello app on your phone, you can utilize the copy feature when creating lists. The instructions are similar to the desktop version of Trello. Go to your board and select the three-dot icon on the list.

Find and tap “Copy List” at the top of the menu. You can write a name and pick a board for the new copied list. Like the website, you can also choose a position on the board for the new copied list; after completing the steps, tap “Copy” to finish.

Move a Trello List to Another Board

Moving a List

On Trello, you can move lists to other boards if you want to reorganize your workspace. Start by logging in to your account and going to the specific board where you have the list. In the top right corner, find and click the three-dot icon.

On the “List actions” menu, select “Move list…” and you can pick a board from your workspace. After picking another board, you can choose a position for the list you are moving. Click “Move” at the bottom and go to that board to confirm the list is there.

Having the ability to move lists on Trello can help you efficiently reorganize your workspace.

Mobile App

To move a list to another board on the app, you can quickly go to the list settings by tapping the three-dot icon. On the menu below “Copy List,” find and select “Move List.” You can decide where you want to move the list by choosing a board.

To confirm the list was moved, it should be removed from the original board, and you can go to the other board to ensure it is in there.

How to Export a Trello Board

Exporting a Board on Trello

Using the free version of Trello, you can still export and save a board on the platform. There are two types of exporting that you can do with the free plan, but you can upgrade to save a file as a CSV. The first option is printing the board to PDF, and the other is exporting it as JSON. Trello has multiple plans that you can look at and decide what works for you.

Start by going to the board you want to export and clicking the three-dot icon in the top right corner. The menu will appear on the right side, and you can click “More…” to find the other options. Locate and click “Print and export” at the bottom. You can choose from the list of options to export your Trello board.


There are plenty of features to help you create and organize workspaces, boards, and lists on Trello. I am using the free version of Trello in this article, but other premium plans enable different features like an extra exporting method and creating templates.

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