Does Chipotle Take Apple Pay?

Learn how to use Chipotle at Apple Pay.

If you plan to buy food from Chipotle, there are plenty of options to checkout or complete your order using the app, website, or in person. If you are wondering, “Does Chipotle take Apple Pay?” The short answer is yes; Chipotle does let you check out with Apple Pay when ordering food at the store.

Below will include instructions on how to order and checkout using the Chipotle app. There are also different payment methods that you can add to the app when you log into your Chipotle account.

Using Apple Pay to Order on the Chipotle App

  1. Download the Chipotle App
  2. Create an Account or Sign In
  3. Begin an Order 
  4. Add Items to Your Cart
  5. Tap “Continue to Payment” at the Bottom
  6. Select your Location for Pickup or Delivery
  7. Scroll to the bottom to Checkout using Apple Pay or Another Method

Download the Chipotle App

You can download the Chipotle app in the app store for free and use it to order food. You can also integrate face ID for faster access to your account on the mobile app.

Create an Account or Sign In

You can create an account using the app or the website. The account is helpful for keeping track of orders, rewards, and payment methods if you are a frequent shopper at Chipotle.

Begin an Order 

You can begin an order in the Chipotle app by selecting “Order” or “Menu” on the app.

Add Items to Your Cart

After you locate the items you want to order, you can add them to your bag or cart on the app and begin the checkout process.

Tap “Continue to Payment” at the Bottom

After reviewing your order, you can scroll down to the bottom and tap the button labeled “Continue to Payment.” Selecting this button will bring you to a screen where you begin the ordering and payment process.

Select your Location for Pickup or Delivery

After choosing between pickup or delivery, you can select which location you want to order from in the app search. You can search locations using “City, State, or ZIP.”

Scroll to the bottom to Checkout using Apple Pay or Another Method

After you choose a location, you can checkout using Apple Pay at the bottom. Another option is to add a credit card, gift card, or checkout using a one-time payment.

How to Order Chipotle on the Website

You can also order Chipotle from the website version by signing into your account and beginning the order process. You can sign in by clicking the button in the top left corner labeled “Sign In.”

After logging in, you can select the button labeled “Order Now” on the home screen, or to speed up the process, you can scroll down to the section labeled “1-Tap Orders” to order a pre-selected item from the menu.

Once you add all of your items to the bag and are ready to check out, you can select the bag button in the top right corner of the website. Before checking out, you can review, remove, or edit the items in your cart.

If everything looks good, you can select the “Checkout” button at the bottom of the list in the bag section. You will most likely see the option to choose between pickup or delivery. Depending on your selected option, the next item on the list will be the option to choose a time for pickup or an estimated time of delivery for the order.

After reviewing all the details and confirming you have selected the right options, you can add a credit card or input a gift card using the website.

Find Payment Method Settings on the Chipotle App

You can find the settings for payment methods on the Chipotle app by logging in and selecting the profile logo in the top left corner of the screen. A list of options should come up, and you can scroll down until you find the section labeled “Payment Methods.” Select this option, and you should be able to add credit cards; see Apple Pay and gift cards, which I will go over below.

How to Add a Gift Card on the Chipotle App

If you want to add a gift card to the Chipotle app, you can follow the above instructions to find the payment method settings in the app. After locating the settings for payment methods on the app, select “Gift Cards” next to “Credit Cards” at the top of the screen. You can now add a gift card to the app using the gift card number.

Chipotle does say on the app, “You can save one gift card.”

How to Purchase a Chipotle Gift Card Online

You can purchase a Chipotle gift card by going to the payment method section of the app (follow the instructions in the above section). At the bottom of the gift card settings, you should see an option to select “Purchase a Gift Card.”

After selecting the above option, you should be directed to your browser to the Chipotle Store so you can purchase an eGift Card.

There are plenty of options to choose from, like animated cards and even ones that say short messages with cool designs. After you select a design, you can select “Next Step.” You will then be prompted to add an amount to the card and choose from different amount options $25, $50, $75, and $100, or you can add a custom amount between “$10-$250 increments of $1.”

On the gift card page, after selecting an amount, you can now choose if the gift card is a gift or for you and fill out the contact information. There is even an option to add a picture which is a great feature to include for Chipotle customers.

After going through all of these options, you can send the gift card at checkout or schedule a time and date for the eGift Card to be sent.

You can complete your order by selecting “Add to Cart” and “Checkout” at the bottom. You can then fill out the payment information and review any other information before checking out.


There are multiple ways to pay at Chipotle, and you can make the process more efficient by ordering online. You can pay at the Chipotle store using Apple Pay or the mobile app to order the food for pickup/delivery. The app also has features that let you edit and add payment methods, add gift cards, and save previous orders.

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