How to Change Your Venmo Username

Learn How to Change your Venmo Username.

Let’s go over how to change your Venmo Username and other settings within the app. Using Venmo can be an efficient way to send and receive money from other users on the platform. You can also add friends and search for other profiles using their names or usernames. Searching with a username can help narrow the list to find the correct profile.

If you want to change your Venmo username, you can do so within the settings. Below is a short walkthrough on how you can find the username settings within the app. In a later section, there will also be instructions on how to change your username on the Venmo website.


  1. Go to the Venmo Mobile App and Log In
  2. Tap “Me” in the Bottom Right Corner
  3. Tap the Settings Button in the Top Right
  4. Tap “Account” and Select “Profile”
  5. Type in a New Username and Tap “Save”

Change Your Venmo Username on the App

I will explain each step along with how to find other settings on the platform. Within the profile settings, you can also change your profile photo. The profile photo can also be another feature to add to your Venmo account.

Open the Venmo App and Log In

You can log into your Venmo account using your current username, phone number, or email. You can read this article if you need to reset your password or change it.

Tap “Me” in the Bottom Right Corner

When you tap the “Me” button, the app will direct you to your profile page, where you can view your transactions and other settings within the app. You can also find your Venmo QR code in this app section.

Tap the Settings Button in the Top Right

The settings button will be located in the top right corner. When you tap this button, you will see settings for numerous items like your payment methods, notification settings, and much more.

Tap “Account” and Select “Profile”

Under preferences in settings, you should see a section labeled “Account.” Open up the account settings and select “Profile,” which should be first under the list labeled “Account Information.”

Type in a New Username and Tap “Save”

Look for the “Username” type box on the list, which should be below your last name. You can tap into this box and begin typing a username. After picking a username, tap the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page. Below I will go over two methods or ideas that may help you pick a username on Venmo. You can also change your email on this page.

Change Your Venmo Username on the Website

If you go to Venmo’s website, you can log into your account and change your username. Start by looking on the left side of the screen for the “Settings” button. The settings button should have a plus icon next to it. Click the plus sign and look for “Profile” on that list.

After finding and clicking “Profile,” you should be able to find your username. Click into the “Username” box, and you can type in your new username. You can click the blue “Save” button at the bottom, similar to the mobile app.

What is Your Venmo Username?

Your Venmo username can be used as a name other users can search to find your profile. This feature is helpful for locating a specific account, so you know you’re viewing the right profile.

When searching for other people at the top of Venmo, using someone’s username can be a more effective way to find their profile. 

Especially if someone has a very popular name, you can type in their username to find them. As mentioned before, another great way to find a user’s profile is by scanning their QR code if they share it with you.

 You can adjust your privacy settings in the Venmo app, and there are numerous options to choose from, like your transactions.

Where to Find Your Venmo Link

You can share your Venmo account by using your Venmo profile link. On Venmo’s website, if you go to your profile settings (instructions are above), you can find a link to your profile under the “username” box.

Sharing your Venmo link can be an easy way for someone to find your profile. Once again, the alternative is sharing your Venmo code.

Venmo Username Ideas

Picking a Venmo username is similar to choosing a username for social platforms. If you want to pick something easy, you can use your name. There are plenty of ideas and options to choose from, and below, I listed two ways you can narrow down your choices. Money can be sent to your username, email, or phone number, according to Venmo.

Below is a list of ideas you can use for your Venmo Username:

Full Name

An easy option is to use your full name, especially if the username isn’t taken. When another user needs to find your profile, this can be a great way to search for it. Using your full name can be a simple way to pick out your username on Venmo.

Other Social Media Usernames

If you use other social media platforms, you can pick one of your usernames to match your one on Venmo if it isn’t taken. This option can be a great way to brand yourself on social media and Venmo.

After picking a username, you can save your changes on your account.


Your Venmo username is just one of the three ways you can log into your account. It is an important factor in other users finding your profile, especially if they don’t have your Venmo QR code or link. The instructions above can help guide you to where the username settings are located on the app and website.

It can be helpful to familiarize yourself with other settings within the Venmo app. You can adjust different settings, like notifications, privacy, payment methods, etc.

Your Venmo username can help someone find your account to send you money or request money from you. The app or website lets you adjust various settings in your profile, like your photo, username, name, and email. 

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