How to Change Your Email on Robinhood

Learn How to Change your Email on Robinhood.

If you are trying to figure out how to change your email on Robinhood, below is a short list of instructions covering the main steps. You can change your email on the Robinhood app or the website. In a later section of the article, there will also be information showing you how to subscribe or unsubscribe from Robinhood emails.

If you changed emails or want to input a new email into your Robinhood account for notifications and access, the process can be done efficiently on the mobile app. Below is a list of instructions on how to change your Robinhood email.


  1. Open the App and Log into your Account
  2. Tap the Bottom Right Profile Button
  3. Select the Menu Button in the Top Left Corner
  4. Tap “Settings” on the Menu List
  5. Select “Personal information”
  6. Tap on your Email Address
  7. Enter your Security Code
  8. Change Your Email

Change Your Email on the Robinhood App

Open the App and Log into your Account

When you open the Robinhood app, you can log into your account to access the settings.

Tap the Bottom Right Profile Button

After logging in, you will likely be in the “Investing” section, where you can select the profile button in the bottom right corner.

Select the Menu Button in the Top Left Corner

The menu button will be in the top left corner of the profile section.

Tap “Settings” on the Menu List

After selecting the menu button, you should see a list of options in the menu section. Locate the “Settings” section because this is where you will be able to change your information.

Select “Personal information”

On the list, there should be a section labeled “Personal Information.” This section is where you can see your name, email, phone number, and other personal information you provided to Robinhood.

Tap on your Email Address

If you provided your email address to Robinhood, you should see it on the list. Select your email, and the app will likely prompt you to enter a security code.

Enter your Security Code

You can check your phone for the security code in your messages. The code sent to you can be input on the screen that comes up after you select your email from the “Personal information” section. The section to input the number should appear in the app after the code is sent to you.

Change Your Email

You can now input the email you would like on your account, and you can review information from Robinhood before selecting “Continue.” You will likely get an email asking you to verify your account with Robinhood.

Change Your Email on the Robinhood Website

Changing your email on the Robinhood website is similar to changing it on the mobile app. You can change your email by signing into your Robinhood account on the website.

After signing into your account on Robinhood’s desktop website, you will most likely be on the home page section of your account, which is the “Investing” section.

In the top right corner, there will be a button labeled “Account.” If you select this “Account” button, you will be able to choose from a list of options that pop up.

On the list, select the section labeled “Settings.” In this section, there will be an option to change your email address. You can check if you are in the right spot by making sure you are in the “Personal information” section of the “Account details and options” list. This information should be listed on the left side of the website.

You can now select the email section and go through the same process as the mobile app with the security code. After you input your email, you can review all of the information provided by Robinhood before clicking “continue.”

You will then most likely have to verify your email with Robinhood. You can do this by checking your inbox for a verification email from Robinhood. 

How to Subscribe to Robinhood Emails

If you want to receive emails from Robinhood or choose from a list of specific notification options, you can do so in settings in the “Notifications and messages” section. You should see an “Email Notifications” section where you can choose from various email notification options.

How to Unsubscribe to Robinhood Emails

If you follow the above instructions to find the “Email Notifications” section in the settings on the Robinhood app, you should be able to toggle off specific email notification options. Some of these options are locked by Robinhood. 

Robinhood states at the bottom of their emails, “We are required to send you this non-promotional communication without the option to unsubscribe.” These emails are important and involve bank and account activity, shareholder information, and order statuses.

There are email notifications you can unsubscribe or toggle off in your account settings. These emails fall under the categories such as “Spend Alerts,” Robinhood’s newsletter, and “IPO access.”

Change your Robinhood Phone Number

You can also change your phone number in the Robinhood app by going to the “Personal Information” section of the settings. The process is similar to changing your email on Robinhood.

You go to your account settings, and in the “Account details and options,” select the “Personal Information” option to find your phone number. After locating your phone number, you can tap the section and follow the steps to change your phone number.

Other information you can change in the “Personal Information” sections is your address and “Investor Profile.” Robinhood’s app makes it easy to change all these settings on your mobile phone. You can also change these settings on Robinhood’s desktop version after logging into your account.


Robinhood has plenty of features and settings to choose from when setting up your account or updating your account information. You also have the ability to change your phone number and other personal information in the Robinhood settings.

If you prefer to use the website version of Robinhood, you can follow the above steps and find the options in the settings. The mobile app is similar to the Robinhood website, making it easier to follow since most settings are in the same sections on both versions.

Updating your email on the Robinhood app or desktop version can be done quickly after logging into your account and going to settings. If you are interested in other Robinhood information, check out more on Bookmark Investor.

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