How to Change your eBay Username & Photo

Learn How to Change your eBay Username and Profile Photo

In this article, I will explain how to change your eBay username on your computer and the mobile app. eBay allows you to customize your profile with a profile photo, description, and username. In later sections, I will walk you through the different options and where you can change them.

There will be some bonus information on how to find your “Feedback profile” and view feedback comments from other members.

How to Change your eBay username

Personal information settings on eBay
Edit your username on eBay

You can change your eBay username in your account settings by going to the “Personal Information” page. You can change your username by clicking the “Edit” button on the right. After clicking “Edit,” you can input a new username. Below I will go over the instructions and walk you through the process.

To change your eBay username, you need to first log in to your eBay account using your current username or email. After logging in, find and click the “Hi *Your Name*” button in the top left corner. On the drop-down menu, click “Account Settings.” You can change your payment settings and find your “Seller Account” information in your eBay account settings.

As I mentioned above, click “Personal Information,” and eBay will likely direct you to input your password again. You should see a page labeled “Personal Info” at the top where you can view and change the personal information on your account.

Save your eBay username

At the top, find the username section and click “Edit” on the right. You can type in a new username in the text box and click “Save.” According to eBay, when changing your username, you have to wait 30 days to change it again.

eBay App

Settings on eBay app
Personal info settings on eBay app
Edit Username on eBay app

The process is similar on the mobile app, and you can do it quickly while on the go; in the mobile app, tap “My eBay” at the bottom, and at the top of the menu, select “Settings.” You can change settings like your notifications and security on the settings page. Find and select “Personal Information,” which will direct you to your personal information settings.

At the top, tap “Username,” and to change your username, type in a new one and press “Save” at the bottom.

How to Edit your eBay Profile

As I mentioned, you can pick a profile photo for your eBay account and write a description. These features can help you personalize your account and add more context for other members. The “About” section on your profile is a great place to describe your eBay shop and show a more professional appearance to other members.

You can edit your profile on eBay by clicking the “Hi *Your Name*” button in the top left corner. In the drop-down menu, click on your username to view your profile. Your profile page will show your feedback, your about section, your location, and when you joined eBay.

How to Write a Seller Description on eBay

A seller’s profile page is a great place for buyers to view more information about the seller’s account, credibility, and feedback. In the top left corner, find and click “Edit profile” You will be able to type in a description in the “About” section.

How to Change your eBay Profile Picture

In the top left of your eBay profile settings, click the pencil icon next to your profile photo. If you have a profile photo, you can remove it or click “Add photo” to upload a new profile photo.

eBay App

To edit your profile on the eBay app, log in to your account and press “My eBay” at the bottom. Select your profile name at the top of the menu. The eBay app will direct you to your profile page, where you can view your information.

To edit your information, tap the “Edit profile” button, and you can type in a description in the “About” section. You can also change your profile photo on your phone by selecting the pencil icon next to your photo, similar to the desktop version.

There is an extra option on the app for changing the profile photo. You can take a picture to use as your profile photo. Otherwise, you can choose one from your photo album or remove your current photo.

How to View your Feedback on eBay

If you use eBay, feedback is a great way to learn more about other sellers and buyers. Feedback provides more information about how the seller or buyer uses the platform. You can go to the profile page to view your feedback on eBay or another seller’s feedback. 

To view your feedback, go to your profile page and select “Feedback” next to the “About” tab. On the feedback page, you will be able to view your feedback and the user who sent the feedback. At the bottom of the page, you can select “See all feedback” to view your “Feedback profile.”

What is a Feedback Profile on eBay?

On your “Feedback profile,” you can view and search for your feedback. You can filter through other comments at the top. Found on the eBay website, the filter options are listed as:

  • All received Feedback
  • Received as Buyer
  • Received as Seller
  • Left for Others

There is also an option to search through your feedback to find other comments quickly, and you can also sort by time period. Lastly, you can see the product the feedback was written for, which can help provide more context.

eBay App

Similar to editing your profile on the eBay app, you can also view your feedback on the same page. Sign in to your eBay account and go to your profile page. You can tap the “Feedback” tab to view the comments.

If you select “See all feedback” on the mobile app, you will see a list of your feedback comments, and you can filter them by selecting “Filter” in the top left.


Changing an eBay username and editing a profile can be a quick and helpful way to customize your eBay store. Writing a thorough about section and adding a relevant profile photo can help provide a professional look to your profile. Other members can click your username and view your profile to learn more about your eBay shop.

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