Best Investing Podcasts In 2022

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Are Investing Podcasts Helpful?

Listening to investing podcasts can provide you with insightful and up-to-date information on stock market news, strategies, and global economic conditions. Podcasts are also an easy way to find information on the go. Below is a list of shows that post episodes ranging from 10-minutes to 60+ minutes long.

The list is broken down into categories like stock market news, dividend investing, and more investing podcasts. There will also be links to Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Amazon Music. Let’s start with the stock market news category so you can stay informed throughout the day on market conditions.

Best Stock Market News Podcasts

Wall Street Breakfast By Seeking Alpha

You can listen to quick 5-15 minute podcasts every morning at 8:00 AM ET and hear updated stock market news and interesting topics. You can also see the podcast’s page here for more information and written articles.

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WSJ What’s News By The Wall Street Journal

If you want to hear about the stock market and economic news quickly then this is a great show to listen to in your free time. You can get insight into daily economic news with two episodes posted every business day.

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Marketplace by Marketplace, Host Kai Ryssdal

You can listen to daily episodes about market conditions and hear from other guests and reporters that the Host, Kai Ryssdal, brings on to provide Marketplace’s audience with insightful information. You can listen to information about various industries and their economic conditions. Topics include the economy, interest rates, and other global subjects.

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Best Dividend Investing Podcasts

The Dividend Guy Blog Podcast By Mike Heroux

This podcast talks about everything dividends and the stock market. Episodes are around 40-50 minutes long and contain information about dividend investing stocks, strategies, and Q&A. Mike Heroux also has a blog called The Dividend Guy Blog where you can find helpful information on investing.

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Compound Money Quietly By Chris Franco

This show features topics like compound investing, margin of safety, market conditions, and various strategies used by well-known investment professionals. You can check out the website for more information.

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The Dividend Mailbox by Greg Denewiler

Listen to insight on dividend growth stocks and topics about the dividend niche. Episodes range around 30 minutes long and have topics about market conditions and interviews. The episode posting frequency is around 1-2 times per month. You can also read more about Greg’s company here.

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More Investing Podcasts

Modern Value Investing By Sven Carlin

This podcast has concise and insightful information regarding value investing. You can also hear about economic conditions like the other podcasts listed above. The show has numerous positive reviews on Apple Podcasts. If you like value investing check out Sven Carlin’s website.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

Excess Returns by Jack Forehand and Justin Carbonneau

Listen to long-term investing methods and stay informed about economic news. You can also hear about other investors’ strategies. Listen to lessons and information about value investing, growth investing, and interviews with other investors.

Listen on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or Amazon Music

Millennial Investing – The Investor’s Podcast Network, Hosted By Robert Leonard, Clay Finck, and Rebecca Hotsko

This podcast covers a wide variety of investing and personal finance topics. Episodes are around one hour long and contain interviews with various guests. Some topics featured in this podcast include Airbnb investing, stock investing, and personal finance information. Read more about The Investor’s Podcast Network.

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The Money Guy Show By Brian Preston and Bo Hanson

This podcast covers a wide variety of topics from investing to insurance. Learn about personal finance, retirement, mortgages, and other helpful topics for financial information. Episodes range between 20-60 Minutes long and cover popular finance questions. Both Brian and Bo have various professional financial certifications. Read more about the show on their website.

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The Long View By Morningstar, Hosted By Christine Benz and Jeff Ptak

Check out this podcast for more in-depth topics on investing, taxes, personal finance, retirement, and more. Episodes are posted weekly and are around 50-60 minutes long. Read more about the podcast.

Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts

The Retirement and IRA Show By Jim Saulner, CFP, and Chris Stein, CFP

Try out this insightful and engaging podcast about everything personal finance. They cover topics such as insurance, estate planning, retirement, Q&A, and numerous financial information subjects. The podcast also has a website where you can ask questions to the hosts. 

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Money Tree Investing By Money Tree Investing Podcast

If you want to learn more about economic conditions and various topics like investing, dividends, market fluctuations, and bonds then check out this podcast. You can also read more about the show here

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Money For the Rest of Us By J. David Stein

This podcast is hosted by an experienced financial professional, David Stein. The show has nearly 20 million downloads, according to the Money For the Rest of Us website. Topics include economic and stock market conditions, going in-depth on various industries. 

Liston on SpotifyApple Podcasts, or Amazon Music

Try Listening to Multiple Podcasts

The top of the list has stock market news shows that can update you on market conditions and keep you informed in the morning while getting ready for the day. For more educational information, the rest of the list covers topics like dividend investing, value investing, retirement planning, home buying, and broader economic conditions.

Listening to different podcasts can help you diversify information and hear additional perspectives/strategies. The shows listed above are hosted by financial professionals to large financial companies. You can search on your preferred streaming platform for more investing and personal finance podcasts.

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