How to Add a Text Box in Canva

Learn How to Add a Text Box in Canva

In this article, I will show you how to add a text box in Canva and other helpful text features you can utilize on the platform. There are plenty of options to help you customize your text and create a personalized design.

You can add a text box on your phone using the mobile app or on your desktop using the Canva website. In a later section, I will explain the font features and how to edit the text after you add the text box to your design.

How to Add a Text Box in Canva

  1. Log in to your Canva account and open a new design
  2. On the right side, click “Text”
  3. At the top, click “Add a text box”
  4. Type and customize your text
Add Text in Canva
Text box in Canva

When creating a new design on Canva, you can quickly add text boxes by following the above instructions. After you add a text box, you can type in the text and resize the box. In a later section, I will go over how you can edit the text in Canva.

Alternatively, you can add a text box depending on which type of text you want to add. There are options for a heading, subheading, and body text. You can also change the size of the text after clicking an option.

In the “Text” section, there are also text templates that you can use for inspiration. To add one of these templates, go to the “Font combinations” area and click a design. The text box should appear on your Canva page.

You can hover your mouse over the design and click the three-dot icon in the top right corner to find more information about the text designs. You should see keywords in the popup, and you can click them to find additional inspiration.

Mobile App

Add Text in Canva app
Text box in Canva app
Text in Canva app

To add a text box on the Canva app, you can start by logging in to your account. After logging in to your account, click the plus button in the bottom left corner. At the bottom of the app, scroll to the right and find the tab labeled “Text.” 

Once you get to the “Text” section, you can choose the “Add a text box” button at the top or one of the options below. As mentioned, there are options for headings and designs. You can choose one of the options by tapping the text design.

When you tap the text box button or a design, the text box will appear in your Canva design. You can move the text box around by tapping and then dragging the box around the page.

How to Put Text in a Shape in Canva

You can add text inside a shape in Canva by first adding a shape to your design. After adjusting the shape and placing it in the correct spot, you can add a text box to your design. The instructions above can help walk you through the process of adding a text box.

On Canva, you can resize and move text around in the design. To move the text box, click inside the box, and you can move it around with your mouse. Place the text box inside the shape and resize it to fit accordingly.

How to Bring Text to the Front

If you notice that your shape covers a text box in your design, you could quickly fix this by sending the shape to the back. To move the shape to the back, right-click the shape and choose either “Send backward” or “Send to back.”

Send backward vs Send to Back

The difference between these two options depends on how many layers of items are on the page. If you want to move something behind another item, you can choose the “Send backward” option. If you want to send an item all the way to the back of a design, you can select the “Send to back” option.

After following the explanation above, you should be able to add text inside of a shape on Canva. If you want to resize or move the text and shape, you can select both with your mouse and resize them.

Side note: If you want to change the placement of an item on your mobile device, tap the item, scroll through the bottom tabs, and find “Position.” You can then change the position of a text box, shape, or another item on the Canva app.

How to Add Text to a Photo in Canva

Adding text to a photo in Canva is similar to adding text inside a shape. You can add text to a photo by adding the image to your design. You can add a photo by clicking “Uploads” on the right.

After adding the photo, you can adjust the sizing and make it fit accordingly to your design. Once the image is adjusted correctly, you can add a text box by following the above instructions. You can type in the text box and resize it to fit inside your photo. You can also change the sizing and position of the text box in Canva.

How to Edit Text in Canva

You can edit your text in Canva using numerous features like colors, animations, font styles, and sizing.

Change Text Font in Canva

To change the font, click a text box and go to the top of the page on Canva. You should see the current font’s name in the top bar on the left. Click this font name to see a list of other fonts on the platform. Some of the fonts require Canva Pro, but there are plenty of free options that you can customize.

After changing the font, you can edit other text settings in the top bar. You can bold, align, and add effects to the text.

Curve Text in Canva

Curve Text in Canva

As mentioned, you can add effects to your text box in Canva. If you go to the top bar and click “Effects,” you should see a menu of different options to customize your text. At the bottom, find the section labeled “Shape” in the effects. You can click the “Curve” option to curve your text.

 You can adjust the curve using the sliding bar at the bottom of the “Effects” tab on the right. After choosing the curve effect, you can move your text around on the page.

Animate Text in Canva

Next to the “Effects” button at the top, find and click “Animate.” When you click the button, a menu of options appears on the right side to allow you to animate your text.

There are different categories of effects that you can scroll through, and depending on the animation; there will be settings you can change. Some of the animation settings require Canva Pro.

Change the Color of Text in Canva

Lastly, you can change the color of your text in Canva by clicking the text color icon at the top. There will be “Default Colors” at the bottom, and you can add a custom color by clicking the plus icon in the top left. 


Canva has plenty of features to help you customize your text in a design and add a professional look. Some features require the paid version of Canva, but there are numerous options in the free versions to help you personalize your design. Check out more articles on the Bookmark Investor website.

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