How to Add Social Media Buttons in Squarespace

Learn How to Add Social Media Buttons in Squarespace

In this article, I will go over how to add social media buttons in Squarespace and how to edit the icons.

Add Social Media Buttons in Squarespace

To add social media icons to your Squarespace website:

  1. Start by logging into your account
  2. Go to the website you are designing and click “Settings” on the left
  3. Find and click “Social Links” to link to your social media accounts
  4. At the bottom, click “Add a social link or email”

In the text box, you can either type in or paste the link to your account.

 Add Social Icons to the Header

Add elements in Squarespace
Add social links to squarespace

Click edit in the top left corner, and at the top, select “Edit Site Header.” Click the “Elements” section in the Header menu and enable “Social Links.” You should see the social icons appear in your header. In the menu, you can edit the “Social Icon Size” along with the border. I will go over customizing the social icons in the article’s next section.

 Add Social Icons to the Footer

Adding social buttons to footer

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Edit Footer.” Hover over the footer section and click “Add Block.” At the top of the block menu, search for “Social Links.” You can click the block to add it to your footer. The social icons will appear, and you can move them around by dragging the block across the screen.

Click the pencil icon after selecting the social link block to edit the social media icons. You can edit the links or design of the social icons. 

Change Social Link Icon

There are multiple ways you can customize and change the design of the social icons on Squarespace. To add the icons, follow the instructions explained in the previous sections.

Change the Color of Social Icons in the Header

Change social button colors in Squarespace

To edit the color of social icons on the platform, start by clicking “Edit” in the top left corner. After going into edit mode, find and click the paintbrush in the top right corner. This button will bring you to the site styles menu on the right.

In the menu on the right, find and click “Colors.” This section will allow you to change and customize the colors on your page. When you are in the color section, click the color theme type shown in the section where the icons appear. For example, I am clicking the color theme labeled “Lightest 1” in the right corner of the section.

Hover your mouse over the icons and click them to find the color settings. On the right side, in the color menu, you should see color options for the section labeled “Button.” This section is where you can change the “Primary Button Background” and “Primary Button Text.”

Change the Design of Social Icons

When you add the icons to your page, you can edit the design to align them with your preferences and page theme. To edit the design of the icons in the header, click “Edit Site Header” and go to the “Elements” section.

At the bottom of the “Elements” menu, you can adjust the size of the social buttons. Along with changing the size, you can also pick a specific border shape. If you choose to have an “Outline” border, you can adjust the “Thickness.” 

You can also edit the design of the footer icons by going into edit mode. At the bottom, click “Edit Footer.” Find and click the social link block. A toolbar will appear at the top of the block, and you can click the pencil icon to edit the social icons. At the top of the menu, click “Design,” which lets you change the size, border, and other features.

Add your Instagram feed to Squarespace

To add your Instagram feed to your page, you can add a new section. Click “Edit” in the top left corner and hover your mouse over the bottom of another section. The “Add Section” option should appear at the top and bottom. Click this button to add a new section to your page.

After clicking the button, Squarespace will direct you to a menu where you can add a section from the options listed or a blank one. When you hover your mouse over the new section, find and click “Add Block.” At the top, in the search bar, type in “Instagram” and click the block option to add it to the page section.

When you add a new section to your website page, you can customize it with fonts, colors, and more. If you want to use this page to create another one, you can duplicate the page on Squarespace

Connect your Instagram Account

Click the edit button on the top of the Instagram feed block to connect your account. Find the “Connect Account” section and click “Choose an account.” You will have the option to log into your Instagram account to add the feed to your page. At the bottom of the option, you can choose how many items or posts you want to appear on the page.

At the top, click “Design,” which will let you customize how the feed appears on the page. You can choose one of the grid options, “Aspect Ratio,” and numerous other customizable selections.

Add your Twitter feed to Squarespace

Similar to adding your Instagram feed, go into edit mode on the platform and add a new block to the page. At the top of the block menu, search for “Twitter.” When the block appears on the page, click the pencil icon in the top left corner. This icon allows you to edit the block.

Go to the “Connect an account” section to add your Twitter account to the block. Like the Instagram feed block, you can customize it using the options in the edit menu. The Twitter block has a great feature that lets you add a follow button at the bottom of your feed.


Squarespace has great features to integrate your social media accounts on to your website. You can add social links and feeds to add more content to your brand’s website.

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