3 Personal Finance Apps To Use In 2022


Why Use Personal Finance Apps?

Personal finance applications can help make your money management more efficient and allow you to keep track of financial transactions in all your accounts. Turning on notifications for your apps can remind you to stay on top of your budget, finances, and income. 

You can also use these one of these apps to group together your finances and see all of your financial movements through your accounts. Let’s go in to more detail about these apps.


The app, NerdWallet, is a money management tool that can help you track expenses, credit balances, and your net worth. NerdWallet also has helpful information regarding the newest financial products on the market.

The app allows you to compare credit cards, travel rewards, and other products. When you download the app, you can set up and connect most of your bank accounts to allow the app to track your spending, saving, investing, and other account activity.

The app has articles about budgeting, saving, insurance, and more to help guide you in your personal finance journey.

If you want to calculate mortgages, loans, and/or investment returns, NerdWallet has plenty of financial calculators to explore.

Check out NerdWallet here

The Wall Street Journal

The The Wall Street Journal app has numerous features and my favorite is the notifications. You can filter between various topics like breaking news, featured reads, the markets, or many more.

There is a quick Market Data section on the app that lets you see and overview of market conditions like stocks and commodities. Another feature is the ability to create a watchlist to create a list of important stocks.

The user interface is very clean and minimal, you can change the apps background color settings to light or dark to match your phone settings.

The ability to save articles for later is super beneficial for reading on the go and then finishing the rest of the article at a later date. The last feature I will talk about is the ability to listen to the articles without having to read them, almost like a podcast.

If you do like podcasts read more about the best investing podcasts.

Check out The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo Finance

If you want to stay on top of economic and financial news, then Yahoo Finance is a helpful app that creates original content while also aggregating articles from other websites. This allows you to see a wider range of information from various sources.
Yahoo Finance also has features that help you find statistical information on stocks, ETFs, and other financial instruments.

You can create watchlists to keep an eye on your favorite stocks. Another great feature to help you find stocks that fit a certain benchmark is using the Yahoo Finance screener which allows you to narrow down your search and create a list of prospective companies to invest in.

This app can provide you with a more in-depth breakdown of ETFs or stocks that you may be interested in. You can see financial statistics, company profiles, and price movements. The app also has a chart feature for seeing the day-to-day movement of stock prices.

Check out Yahoo Finance Here

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